Good News Bad News from Peter King

1 Nov

We were just taking a gander at the legendary Peter King’s Monday Morning QB, and his “Fine Fifteen” power rankings. Thought they were worth mentioning, as they were a mixed bag for our beloved Fins.

The good news? Pete’s got the Dolphins at #8 in the entire NFL. The SoFlo Sea Mammals are, by King’s estimation, ahead of the Saints, Falcons and Texans. Not bad. and imagine if the end of the Pittsburgh game had gone less horrifically, unabashedly, murderously wrong. Nice to be noticed by the esteemed Mr. King, especially when we all know, players included, that we have not yet begun to fight in the red zone.

The bad news? Seven of King’s top eight teams are in the AFC. Eleven of the top 15. Oh, and two of King’s top four teams are above us in our own hellhole of a division. Translation? The scramble for playoff slots in the AFC will be brutal. The Chargers, Chiefs and even Raiders are threats out West. The Colts, Texans and Titans are slugging it out down South, with the also-rans most definitely scrapping for those coveted wild cards. Pittsburgh and Baltimore rank #2 and #3 respectively, and they can’t both win the North. Hell, the two AFC wild cards may both be in King’s top four, where the Patsies, Stillers, Ray-vens and NYC Bi-Planes can be found.

So, nice that Peter “Crazylegs” King thinks highly of us, but we shouldn’t let it go to our blowholes. Even 8th in the AFC puts us at next to last in our division, and were these rankings to hold true the wild cards would be played by the Ravens, Jets, maybe even Titans before being dealt to us.

GO DOLPHINS — and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose



One Response to “Good News Bad News from Peter King”

  1. InFINcible November 2, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    We control our destiny no doubt. With head to head vs. Ravens and Titans we get a chance to make our case.As much as I hate the jets, thanks to them we can handle their blitz, the Steelers blitz, and hopefully the Ravens blitz. Should be a good one Sunday.

    Go FINS!!

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