Moss Could Be Deep Threat or Deep Trouble

1 Nov

The Dolphins can’t score the rock. We just cant. Dan Carpenter sure can, but even his longest efforts are only rewarded with three clicks of the scoreboard. Not only that, we haven’t thrown a bomb since the Ford Administration. So no wonder Dolphin Nation is abuzz with talk of Randy Moss, who is seemingly (though not yet officially) being waived by Chilly and the Norsemen.

The Beast and Moss out wide, with Bess in the slot? Yep. Could be severely potent. But what Miami doesn’t know, assuming they yank Randy out from under the waiver wire tree, is exactly which Randy they’ll be unwrapping. The Vikings are busy reading the fine print on the Moss trade this evening, looking for some sort of hidden return policy.

The Randy they got, all 6’4″ of him, didn’t even attempt to go up for a possible game winner in the back of the end zone against the rival Packers. The Randy they got quit on an easy touchdown catch this weekend against the Patsies, once he felt he had done enough to draw a flag. He then spoke glowingly about the Patriots in the post-loss press conference, and questioned his new coach’s strategy. Was he flipping the middle finger his new organization? Was he begging the Pats to sign him back this offseason? Who knows? He’s an enigma, who plays hard when he wants, and isn’t afraid to shake things up.

Of course we all know the flip side. There still may not be a better deep ball artist in the NFL than Moss, despite his age.  If you get a focused Moss, willing to hustle, he is a true difference maker. Perhaps he and Brandon Marshall would have a good time trying to one-up each other? Maybe it would work? Maybe he would spark a playoff run, and sign on with the SoFlo Sea Mammals for a few more years?

Either way, it’s buyer beware when it comes to Mr. Moss. Maybe it is worth claiming him solely to keep him away from our division foes up top? Would he even report if a team he didn’t approve of claimed him? If he did show up, would he simply phone it in for the next nine games then crawl back up to Foxboro?

So many unknowns with this guy. Could be a world beater or a team wrecker. What the Trifecta needs to decide, if they can track The Tuna down on his yacht off Costa Rica, is if the upside outweighs the risk.

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