Week 9 Stock Report: DOW Snappy as SoFlo Sea Mammals Slay Cincy

5 Nov

DOW (Dolphins Overall Worth) heading to Baldy More: 760 (+30)


SEAN SMITH (NYSE: SSMIT) +6: Sean showed why he was (and still is in our opinion) the future opposite Vontae “Crazylegs” Davis. The Jason “Crazylegs”Allen thing was a nice story, and he is still a useful player. But Sean has an insane combination of speed and height. He defended a pair of passes, including one that could have been a massive gain to T.O. And of course, Sean cemented the game with his interception of Carson “Crazylegs” Palmer.

DAN CARPENTER (NASDAQ: CARP) +3: Five more field goals for the Big Carp. If we don’t start scoring six-pointers, Dan Carpenter is going to kick more field goals in a season than anyone in NFL history. The Dolphins are the perfect storm, good enough to move the ball, but not quite ready to punch it in. Enter “Danimal” to split the uprights. About as hot a kicking stock as there is.

KARLOS DANSBY (NYSE: DANSB) +3: This guy just impresses the hell out of us. He can stop on a dime, and is all over the field. Again, kudos to the front office for pouncing on him the moment free agency started. Karlos recently called himself the best linebacker in football. Now, we’re not usually fans of such blanket statements and bravado, but the truth is, he might be close.


CHRIS CLEMONS (NASDAQ: CCLEM) -1: This kid has been great this year, so we’ll dock him just a little bit for poor hands. Put CC on the Juggs machine for a half-hour. Two dropped picks for the speedy youngster. There will be closer games, where a big interception (or dropped interception) will be the difference.

DAN HENNING (NYSE: DHENN) -2 1/2: The players need to execute, but our lack of Red Zone touchdowns has to partly fall on Mr. Henning. Look, we’re 4-3, and there’s time to improve. But it feels like we’re either way to predictable in some spots, then way too cutesy in others. When Ricky and Ronnie are ripping of 4+ per carry, we’re throwing like crazy. Then when we’ve needed long gains, we’re wasting downs on ill-fated draws and handoffs. But above all, we think Henning needs to dial up a few deep passes. We haven’t thrown a bomb since Rubik’s Cubes were the rage. Even the threat of it will loosen things up for us. No more stalling, Dan, or shares may continue to slide.

JASON ALLEN (NYSE: JALLEN) -2 3/4: Jason isn’t as good as Sean. That’s the bottom line. It was nice while it lasted for Allen, who showed flashes. But T.O. pushed him around a little. Sean is a presence, Allen…well…just isn’t one.


No complaints. Okay, well, a couple maybe. We need touchdowns, not 3-pointers. That fizzling red zone routine won’t play in Baltimore. Still, we said going in that if we start the season 4-4 we’d be in pretty good shape down the stretch. Now we’ve got a shot at 5-3, which would be stellar. A little worried. If Mewelde Moore can kill us out of the backfield, what can Ray Rice do?

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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