Limp Dolphins Find Answer for Ravens, then Immediately Forget It

9 Nov

The Ravens made it look easy on their first drive of the game Sunday, marching it down the field and punching it in with a far too easy screen pass to Willis “Crazylegs” McGahee.

What followed was a beauty of a response, a smashmouth drive by the SoFlo Sea Mammals, almost all on the back of Ronnie Brown. In less than seven minutes he had slugged the Ravens in the beak for 45 yards and the game tying touchdown. It was a beautiful thing to see the Fins lining up and bulldozing the vaunted Baltimore defense, and to see Brown being his bad-ass self again.

We never, ever, EVER went back to that. We ran five times, not in the rest of the half, BUT THE REST OF THE GAME. Of course we called 38 pass plays, to the tune of three interceptions two sacks, and a single field goal over the remaining three quarters.

Almost unfathomable to completely ignore the one thing that worked for us in a crucial game against an opponent who could very well yank away one of those coveted wild cards in a couple of months.

We saw, for one shining moment there, the Dolphins who were the #4 rushing team in the NFL last season. Then we promptly showed why this year were 17th.

The Dolphins are absolutely, positively in the danger zone right now. Not getting in the end zone. No clear identity. We could easily end up the kings of the also-rans, or worse.

And sadly there’s no N.I.T. in this league.

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2 Responses to “Limp Dolphins Find Answer for Ravens, then Immediately Forget It”

  1. EricG November 10, 2010 at 11:01 am #

    You’re 100% correct —

    So of course today Sparano benches Henne.

    Sure, that’s the problem.

    • danewen November 10, 2010 at 4:57 pm #


      Thanks for stopping by The Bottlenose, EricG.

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