The Deep Ball Returns!

15 Nov

Nice to see us flinging the ball deep again, Zeusdamnit! It had been about seventeen years since we threw one over 25 yards downfield. Does it matter that we only hit one of them? Not really. “Why, Mr. Bottlenose” do you ask?

Well Timmy, bombs loosen up defenses, keeping the deep help from cheating up as much. Deep throws are also sometimes, believe it or not, caught! Deep throws sometimes result in extremely generous interference penalties (see Vontae’s pass interference penalty vs Moss, the longest gain of the day for the Titans). And lastly, deep passes that are intercepted (like Henne’s) are just like a punt. Thrown from our 44 yard line on 3rd down, the pass was picked at the Tennessee 17. Tennessee would never get out of their side of the field before the end of the half.

When it comes to the deep ball in the NFL, the reward far outweighs the risk. Penalties are extremely generous. The rulebook gives wideouts every advantage. It was nice to see us throw it long. We suddenly felt a little more dangerous out there. So what, we missed on most of them. Cry me a river.

It was progress just to see those plays dialed up.

GO DOLPHINS! – and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose



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