Week 11 Stock Report: Damaged Dolphins Drive DOW

17 Nov

DOW (Dolphins Overall Worth) heading into Bears game: 712 (+30)


TYLER THIGPEN (NASDAQ: THIG) +7: Anyone who goes from third-stringer to starter in 45 minutes of football gets an automatic boost. But Thigpen has some skills, and played well in Kansas City in his brief time there as the starting signal caller. Elusive, which gives the wideouts time to break free. Neither Chad is very good at that. Tyler’s legs could allow for a bit more fun with the play calls. It will be interesting to see. Thigpen played well, though attempted only 6 passes. With Pennington steamrolling towards retirement, and the Trifecta’s waffling on the Henne front, the job is there for the taking.His stock could soar.

ANTHONY FASANO (NYSE: FSNO) +5: 100+ yards and a touchdown. Anthony was money on Sunday. It seems the Dolphins are confident that he’s the real deal, awarding him with a lucrative extension yesterday. Fasano also gets style points for going airborne at the end of almost every play, whether necessary or not. It’s nice to see the Fasanos and Sparanos working together, peacefully, after last summer’s blood feud.

RESHAD JONES (NASDAQ: RSHD) +2 1/2: Always nice to log both your first sack and first interception on back to back plays. With Clemons gimpy, Jones stepped in and played very well. We’ll see if this continues tomorrow night, as he is slated to start. “Crazylegs” Jones has a world of potential, and is a big time hitter back there.

RICKY WILLAMS (NYSE: RICKY) +2: Ricky rolled for 5.8 yards a carry, while Ronnie struggled to find any breathing room. Again, it’s so nice to have fresh legs, and a Pro Bowl quality back to slug weary defenses with in the second half of games. Hopefully Miami will work out a reasonable contract for another year. Worth the investment.

DAN HENNING (NASDAQ: DHEN) +1: This stock has taken a huge beating. So why a slight gain? Because he finally threw the ball deep. A few times actually. Freakin’ FINALLY! Perhaps a bigger gain was in order, but Dan still went with his mysterious open backfield on a crucial 3rd and short. I mean, can’t we at least pretend we might run, just to keep the defense honest?


RONNIE BROWN (NYSE: RBROW) -2: Granted, RB23 scored a touchdown, 0.9 yards per carry is not what you’d call “getting ‘er done”. He’s in a contract year. He hasn’t quite busted out yet. With his injury history, it will be interesting to see what the market is for him this offseason. Perhaps he’ll sign back on with the good guys at a reasonable rate?

CHAD PENNINGTON (NYSE: CPENN) -7: Chad is a strong competitor, and will go down as one of the most accurate quarterbacks of all time. Still, he is just too frail at this point. Give him a clipboard. Hire him on as quarterbacks coach. He’s great to have around. Dinner better be on him the rest of the season, as Penny made $3.25million dollars for his 27 seconds as the starter.


Simply put, a great victory, especially when you consider the turmoil both leading up to and during the game. Injuries to both Henny and Penny, our starting free safety, Cam Wake, Jake Long. It was like ‘Nam out there, yet we emerged with a big win over a playoff quality team. Granted, they didn’t have Vince Young. Nice to catch a break. Our opponents have caught plenty more than we have this season. 6-4 would be fantastic, and we like our chances against the Bears.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


3 Responses to “Week 11 Stock Report: Damaged Dolphins Drive DOW”

  1. Shula November 17, 2010 at 1:25 pm #

    Lock the stock report!!!! Picked up a couple of shares of THIG and RSHD.

    RESHAD, Incidentally, in early training camp was likely to be the starter at FS this year if had not got injured. Coaches raved about his potential and the ability to not let the WRs get behind him. Clemens has been solid, but Rashad may be a major upgrade. Clemmens has not Ints and one sack in 8 games. Reshad surpased him in 20 minutes.

    THIGPEN, has an overwehlming degree of talent. The “third string” conotation should not be a reflection of his skills. I have always believed he was more talented the henne and may be our QB of the future. He has footbal mojo. Ie. Will find ways to score. Conversely, Henne targeting Harline on consecutive plays when Marshal was one-on-one in the endzone. Henne also does not read the progessions very well and should be referred to as Mr. dump the ball to the back. He is affraid to challenge a deffense.

    SUPRANO — a stock to avoid – junk status
    He is a glorified offensive line coach and nothing more. Parcel’s puppet. Finally feeling the pressure and making changes. A coach should be proactive not for the purpose of trying to save his job, but rather for the goal of constantly improving his team. make no mistake about it, if Miami finishes the year with alosing record, Supringo will be replaced by a blue chip coach next year.

    • danewen November 18, 2010 at 3:07 pm #

      Thanks for the comments!

      I think Reshad and Clemons will be the future starting safeties though. Clemons has been pretty amazing at FS, IMO, and has great speed. Reshad will be the thump opposite him at SS, replacing Bell eventually, who may be our oldest defender.

      I agree that Thigpen is a playmaker. Excited to see what he can do tonight. Job is wide open. Henne was solid last week though, and his lone pick was the same as a punt, on a deep ball to the Titans’ 17.

      And Sparano? Well he’s played not to lose most of the season. I concur, if we finish poorly there are plenty of high profile coaches who might be open to offers.

      Go Dolphins!

  2. MJ November 17, 2010 at 8:24 pm #


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