Dudes Digging for Dolphins’ Dough

27 Nov

Vontae is growing into the label. He’s entering the “shutdown corner” category, celebrated by fans, dreaded by the number crunchers. Things got messy with the Jets once Revis Island was on the map. Rest assured that Davis is about to make a big push for big money.

And then there’s the greatest Canadian import since John Candy, Cam “Crazylegs” Wake. Currently playing for peanuts, and wreaking havoc in offensive backfields, Wake too has the right to petition for a beefier contract.

Even Paul “Sanelegs” Soliai has demonstrated his worth in the middle. He’s a free agent this January, and will only be 27, so we could very well end up in a bidding war for his services.

Ronnie and Ricky are both free agents to be as well. Tough to see a lot of big money action for either, considering their ages and or injury history. But the Dolphins may have to lock up one or both, depending on our backfield plans.

It’ll be interesting to see what the market is for DeAngelo Williams this offseason. Injury concerns, same as with Ronnie, but he’s got a knack for the big play that is certainly tantalizing. And certainly something we haven’t seen much of lately.

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