Week 13 Stock Report: DOW Rebounds from Down as Browns Come to Town

4 Dec

DOW (Dolphins Overall Worth) as the Brownies arrive: 699 (+57)


CHAD HENNE (NYSE: CHENN) +7 1/4: Henne’s numbers aren’t far off from where Peyton Manning’s were at this point. Fewer touchdowns, but more accurate. Does that mean he’s going to be that good? Of course not. But it does seem to indicate that yanking a guy this talented before even one full season as the starter is premature. Don’t yank him again. He will grow from his mistakes. You’ll take an interception like the one he had on Sunday, when it’s offset by 300+ yards and 2TDs. This stock still has many future gains ahead.

CAMERON WAKE (NYSE: WAKE) +5: He’s been a riser all season. Another sack, and two tackles for losses. Ho hum. Show him the money, guys. He’s a star, and we can’t let him leave Davie. Buy buy buy, before it’s out of your price range.

MIKE NOLAN (NASDAQ: MNOL) +4 1/2: 263 total yards and 10 points for the Raiders offense, at home. The SoFlo Sea Mammals’ defense held Oakland to just a pair of 3rd down conversions all day. Mike Nolan has been a marvel, especially when you consider the overall youth of our defense. There’s not a defensive coordinator we would rather have.

MARLON MOORE (NASDAQ: MAMO) +3 3/4: One catch for a 57 yard touchdown. This means if given a full season he would have 4,560 yards and 80 touchdowns. But seriously, a great showing by the youngster. You never know what he could mean for us in the future. You can’t have too many playmakers, and the kid looked good to us burning down the sideline.  An interesting buy low for the long haul.

DAVONE BESS (NYSE: DBESS) +2 3/4: Back in his native Oakland, Davone “Crazylegs” Bess was a machine. 6 catches for 111 yards. The guy has proven himself time and time again this year. A steady riser on the slot market.


DAN HENNING (NASDAQ: DHEN) -1: Hard to dock the guy when we had over 41 minutes of possession. Still, that was as much great defense as it was great offense. The Wildcat apparently wore off its charm ten games ago, and gained us just 2.8 yards per play against Oaktown. That didn’t stop us from running it though, yanking Henne out of the zone, and stalling a couple of drives. We were only 9-19 on 3rd downs.


We were a bit worried when we went into halftime losing, but a completely dominant second frame sealed the deal for the Sea Mammals. Always nice to win, especially behind enemy lines. Still, frustration is setting in, as every team with a chance to help us out in the playoff chase has found a way to screw it up in the end. Based on our current head to head losses against the Jets, Patsies, Steelers and Ravens, and the upcoming schedule, we put our postseason chances at 12%. And that’s with winning out.  And as much as we hate to even consider this, the difference in whether we make the postseason or not could very well come down to that nightmare of an ending against Pittsburgh. Those bastard zebras may have screwed us even harder than we thought.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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