Miami-Dade Detectives Unable to Locate Dolphins’ Running Game

10 Dec

The Miami-Dade police department called off the hunt for the Dolphins’ rushing offense early this morning, bringing the disheartening three month search to an end.

Detective Duane Tolbert admitted that the running game was “most likely gone for good”, staring in the direction of the nearby team headquarters, then shaking his head in disgust.

The running game was last seen in Baltimore, though it vanished as quickly as it appeared. Offensive Coordinator Dan Henning was questioned for several hours, but was eventually released after “getting sleepy”.

Authorities will keep the tip line open through the new year, in case anyone has any additional information.

“You always hope for a happy ending,” Tolbert explains. “You hope the Dolphins’ rushing offense just got upset and ran away, and that it’ll return soon. It’s just been so damned long.”

— BS Newswire


One Response to “Miami-Dade Detectives Unable to Locate Dolphins’ Running Game”

  1. Boondock Saint December 14, 2010 at 1:57 pm #

    When fins can threaten with a legit passing offense, we’ll see less 8-9 in box and be able to run.

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