Sparano Interested in Cheerleading Director Position?

18 Dec

Davie, FL

Rumors swirled this afternoon that Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano will angle for the Director of Cheerleaders position. should he be replaced by Owner Stephen Ross this offseason.

Sparano has faced much difficulty this year, as well as a mountain of second-guessing by fans and the media alike. However, Sparano’s cheering ability has never been called into question. He was recently named Overly Cheerful Coach Magazine’s Man of the Year, and was awarded the Golden Foot Trophy for his tireless celebration of field goals and punts.

In fact, video footage from Miami’s last home game showed the Dolphins cheerleading squad lined up perfectly along the chalk, foot to foot, in hopes of stealing some of Sparano’s signature moves.

Current Director Heather Phillips denies the charge, and pulled no punches when asked about Sparano. “All I know is as of this moment I am the Director of Cheerleaders for the Miami Dolphins,” Phillips said. “And if Tony thinks it’s all about fist-pumps and hand clapping, then he can bring it on.”

Sparano released a statement Saturday evening, explaining simply that it had “already been brought”.

— BS Newswire

Tony Sparano demonstrates his "First Down Shuffle"


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