Where We Blew It: Rethinking the 2010 Dolphins Draft

19 Dec

This is pointless. We admit it. It’s impossible to travel back in time (as of publication of this post), and it’s not fair to judge our rookies yet. Still, why the hell not hop into the Regret Machine and re-do the Dolphins’ draft last April?

Round 1: In retrospect we stay put. We’ve got a top 5 defense without Jared Odrick. We want to know what happened to the #4 rushing offense in the league? We don’t trade down, and instead take MAURKICE POUNCEY of the Steelers, studly interior lineman, a C/OG combo who has anchored the line for Mendenhall.

Round 2: We don’t have a pick now. So what does the Miami defense do without Koa Misi? Well, we start Quentin Moses. Anyone notice that we’ve been yanking Koa for Quentin in passing situations anyway? Koa is all motor, and we respect that. But an impact player? Not quite yet. Moses is solid, and Nolan has made a career out of making the most of out what he’s got.

Round 3: With Pouncey in the fold, we don’t need to draft Jerry. The pick? MIKE WILLIAMS of Tampa Bay. He has looked like an All-Pro from day one. As much ability as any wideout in the draft, and 31 teams now kicking themselves for over-analyzing his off the field issues. The Beast and Mike Williams, with Bess in the slot. Where do we sign?

Round 4: Without trading down we still own pick 110. Our choice? AARON HERNANDEZ, TE. We hate it that this kid went to the Patriots. He’s a big time playmaker, and we’ll be seeing a lot of him. We’ve extended Fasano, who is solid. But Aaron’s ceiling is simply much higher.

Later in the round, we traded up for linebacker A.J. Edds, who blew a gasket in camp. Edds has coverage skills, but by most accounts would have still been around seven picks later. Not many places had him graded this highly, but obviously we had a feeling about this guy in the War Room. We stay put and draft JAMAR CHANEY, LB, MISS ST. A better athlete than Edds, with sideline to sideline speed. Would have to work on coverage skills, but has the athleticism to do so. He’s taking over as Philly’s MLB this week.

Round 5: The Dolphins took Nolan Carroll. And you know what? We like this kid. So we cut The Trifecta a break and take NOLAN CARROLL, CB, MARYLAND again. He’s shown flashes. Great speed. All in all, he looks like he belongs. And in round 5, that’s all you can hope for.

And later in the round we did it again, jumping up for Reshad Jones. And looking back, we’d do the same. RESHAD JONES, S, GEORGIA it is. He’s been a special teams monster, and he’s also got the skills to perhaps become our SS opposite Clemons (who has performed above and beyond expectations at FS). The Trifecta was en fuego in this round. Wish they’d heated up earlier.

Round 6: Without trading down in the first round we’d still own pick 173 here. Our guy? DEJI KARIM, RB, SOUTHERN ILLINOIS. Karim has been a revelation as a kick returner in Jacksonville, and has also shown huge potential as a home run/3rd down back. The Dolphins are 29th in the league in kick returns, and could certainly use the help. Karim would also be the biggest play back on Miami’s roster.

And without trading up for Edds, we still have pick 179 in this round, which we gladly use on JOE WEBB, QB, UAB. Webb is about to make some noise in Minnesota. At least we think so. With Henne yet to cement the job, Pennington on his way to a coaching career, and Thigpen looking like a high school player in limited action, it would be nice to have an upside play like Webb around.

Round 7: We nix Chris McCoy, and replace him with DORIN DICKERSON, TE/WR, PITT.The guy hasn’t seen the field yet for the Texans, but is an absolute freak. 4.4 speed, and huge. Do not be surprised if it suddenly seems like Houston has two Andre Johnsons on the field. Dorin is still learning the position, and could be a monster.

Later in the round, we replace Austin “Crazylegs” Spitler with CHRIS IVORY, RB, TIFFIN.  With Ivory and Karim, we have ample insurance for Ronnie and Ricky, both poised to become free agents. Could Ivory and Karim be a thunder and lightning combo for the future?

SUMMARY: Mike Nolan has worked wonders, and the only rookie who’s really done heavy lifting is Koa Misi. Our 2010 draft re-do goes offense, offense, offense. We let Nolan make do with Quentin Moses, and give him Jamar Chaney (instead of Edds), Nolan Carroll and Reshad Jones to play with as rookies.

But our offense? Pouncey’s anchoring the line. Henne’s dropping back with burner Mike Williams to throw to, alongside the bruising Brandon Marshall, shifty Bess and the dangerous Aaron Hernandez. And as Ronnie and Ricky (perhaps) wind down their Dolphin careers, Chris Ivory logs some carries, with Deji Karim seeing action as a 3rd down back. And if Henne still couldn’t cut it, maybe we’d give Joe Webb a look? Not to mention a nice practice squad project in Dickerson.

On special teams, with Karim the Dolphins would have a legitimate elite kick returner. Carroll has speed, but he isn’t a natural. Thanks to Deji the Jags are 2nd in the NFL in kick returns. We’d like some of those apples.

SUMMARY OF THE SUMMARY: It’s remarkable how great our defense has been. It’s also remarkable that only one rookie has been a major part of that. Does this mean that we could’ve shown our offense a little more love last April, when we went kinda sorta defense-crazy? Probably. We’re 31st in the league in scoring as of press time. It sure seems that the attention we paid to defense last time will have to be paid to offense this time.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


4 Responses to “Where We Blew It: Rethinking the 2010 Dolphins Draft”

  1. MJ December 19, 2010 at 2:12 am #

    I resent that piece on Koa Misi. Its seems he’s in the right place at the right time and he works his ass off. I think he’s fell on maybe 3 or 4 fumbles this season. Big deal considering we cant hold onto picks. Its easy to pick the winner of a horse race when its already over. Nobody predicted we’d have a top 5 D.

    • danewen December 20, 2010 at 10:31 am #

      And no one predicted we’d have a bottom 2 scoring offense either. Misi’s been solid. Pouncey is already drawing comparisons to Mike Webster. Odrick is a wild card. Yes, of course you can go back to look at any draft in hindsight. But our o-line is a big, stinkin’ mess.

      Thanks for the comment, MJ.

  2. Phinster December 19, 2010 at 7:59 am #

    Hindsight is always 20/20.

    Passing on Hernandez killed me

    We have to GO OL & RB in 2011 early but need to get Jerrel Jernigan as the next Welker/Desean Jackson, Him, Jeff Fuller, and Alan Bradford are sleeper offensive weapons

    We need one or two of of Ingram, Leshoure, James , Murray, Helu, Alan Bradford unless we get a backfield via FA

    • danewen December 20, 2010 at 10:32 am #

      I agree, Phinster. A field stretching WR burner and the featured back of the future. And a revamp of that interior line would be nice too.

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