Will Mike Nolan Go Back to Denver as Head Coach?

20 Dec

Plenty of chatter about the Broncos reaching out to Mike Nolan as Head Coach. Nolan had improved the Denver defense by leaps and bounds in his short time there as coordinator, taking them from 29th overall in the league to 7th in a single season. However, he didn’t get along with youngster Josh McDaniels, so Nolan gladly resigned and took his talents to South Beach.

Clearly Coach Joshy underestimated the importance of Nolan. The Broncos had five picks in the first three rounds last April. Apparently feeling confident that their defense was around to stay, they used all five selections on offense.

They snatched up Tim Tebow in the first round, leaving defensive Rookie of the Year candidate Devin McCourty on the board. Kyle “Crazylegs” Orton proceeded to light it up as Denver quarterback. Almost 300 yards a game, 20TDs, 9INTs. With Orton nursing his ribs, Tebow started his first game yesterday. Timmy scored once on a nice run, and once on a lob to the end zone that wasn’t intercepted due almost certainly to divine intervention. Overall, a 50% completion percentage for 133 yards.

While Tebow could eventually turn into more than a fullback with a license to throw, Denver’s troubles this season cannot be put on Orton’s shoulders. Nor Brandon Lloyd’s. Denver’s offense has scored a respectable 21 points a game this season. Problem is, with Nolan in Davie, their defense is giving up 28.

It would make sense for Denver to extend on olive branch to Nolan this offseason. They have seen first-hand the impact of having him, and the impact of losing him. No doubt he’ll be on other teams’ lists as well.

Of course, if the Dolphins have been paying attention, they’ll do anything within their power to keep him around.

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2 Responses to “Will Mike Nolan Go Back to Denver as Head Coach?”

  1. Jeff December 21, 2010 at 6:47 am #

    Where is the “Chatter” about the Broncos “reaching out to” Nolan? Aside from this very blog? Show some documentation instead of making that statement. Or, simply speculate that it would be reasonable for the Broncos to do this.

    First and last time here with stuff like that.

    • danewen December 21, 2010 at 7:27 am #

      So far the Denver Post (Woody Paige), Orangemane.com, and ESPN.com’s AFC East blog have all “chattered” about Nolan for the job. Not to mention multiple message threads at Denverbroncos.com.

      I guess it comes down to your definition of chatter. Newspaper editorials, blogs and message boards leave room to discuss things that haven’t happened yet. Same with most of PTI, and Around the Horn, and sports talk radio.

      We speculate. And if speculation ticks you off then you may need to cut out a whole lot of sports coverage out of your life.

      Side note: Assuming you got here through Phins.com, if you want to eliminate fan blogs from your newswire, you can do so by checking the boxes at the top of the page. Curt has made an amazing site that can be customized to your preferences.


      The Bottlenose

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