Confucius Say “Don’t Fear Regime Change, Fear Sucky Football”

2 Jan

The great irony in fears that regime change would set the Dolphins back, is that the Trifecta’s only winning year was as a new regime. How did they manage an 11-5 season if such massive change is detrimental?

Come to think of it, how did Bill Cowher go 11-5 in his first year at the helm in Pittsburgh? How in the world did Jon Gruden win the Lombardi Trophy in his first year over in Tampa Bay?

Some have suggested, perhaps very recently via a local news outlet, that the regime isn’t the problem. Instead it’s our lack of a studly quarterback that is the issue. While having Tom Brady would certainly be nice, Cowher and Gruden braved their maiden seasons with Neil O’Donnell and Brad Johnson at the helm.

The Dolphins have the #3 overall defense in the NFL. Begging Mike Nolan to stay should be the first order of business for any new regime. If it ain’t broke, they say.

But is it that crazy to think this team could benefit from fresh eyes, and a new direction? Maybe someone who can hold out one (or more than one) of those magical rings and ask, “Do you want one of these, gentlemen? Do you really want one? If you don’t, then leave now, ’cause we’re about to ______ing go get us one.”

Sure, there could be a wrong way to blow things up in Davie. But that sure as hell doesn’t mean it can’t be done the right way.

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One Response to “Confucius Say “Don’t Fear Regime Change, Fear Sucky Football””

  1. joan January 2, 2011 at 7:55 am #

    yep new coach qb impact playa with speed on offense

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