Trembling Ross Caps Off Nightmare Week for Dolphins

8 Jan

First, I watched the Dolphins completely and totally quit on Tony Sparano against the Patsies. Even our previously stout defense caved, in a “Tank one for the Gipper” classic that left my testosterone levels so low I couldn’t service my wife for almost four hours.

Then began a non-commital commitment to a new coach, with Sparano, despite having clinched his second losing season in three years, being kept on board during the search.

Apparently Bill “Crazychin” Cowher did not want to discuss a coaching vacancy that wasn’t even a vacancy yet. So that crossed him off the list. Gruden, one of the hottest names being kicked around, is rumored to have turned down an offer, one which has no doubt set the starting point for any future suitors. Harbaugh, with no intention of actually leaving the Bay Area, signed on with the 49ers, in a division where .500 ball will send you to the postseason.

So Ross spent this week simultaneously believing in, and being afraid of, change. That fear of commitment may have cost us Bill Cowher. It may have cost us Gruden as well. “Chucky” may have wanted more control than Ross was willing to give. And Harbaugh? Well, Ross was the chump, zipping across the country in his private jet, serving only to boost Harbaugh’s asking price elsewhere.

Which led Ross to a puzzling conclusion, that there were only three coaches out there better than Tony Sparano. Really? Only Harbaugh, Cowher and Gruden would have been enough to pry Ross away from Tony’s loving, fist-pumping arms?

So Ross folded. Not only a return to Sparano, but an extension and more power? Really? This man clearly lost his team. Are these players now expected to “un-quit” on this man?  Has anyone ever done less to earn an extension and expanded role?

Football is won, more often than not, by boldness. Ross half-assed this thing, and added another humiliating loss to this season.

The sad truth is, maybe he and Sparano are meant for each other?

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