If Interested in Vince Young, Dolphins Should Pounce

16 Jan

Vince Young isn’t going to play for the Titans again. That has become crystal clear over the last couple of weeks. Tennessee has made its intentions known, and they will part ways with Young after his rocky tenure there. Will there be a trade? Or will everyone simply wait for him to be cut loose?

Some feel that Miami, and other teams who may be interested, should simply wait for Young’s inevitable release from the team. Sure, free is always nice. But The Bottlenose is convinced that, if Miami covets #10, they’d better trade for him, warts and all.

Why? Look at the list of teams who may be looking Vince’s way this offseason. Miami, Minnesota, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Washington, Carolina, Seattle and Arizona are all theoretically in the QB market. That’s eight organizations, not counting dark horse candidates like Cleveland or Oakland.

So Miami can wait for the Vince Young auction, and have a one in eight shot at the guy in a bidding war, or perhaps lock him down up front for the cost of a draft pick. How high a draft pick? A troubled Santonio Holmes was had for a 5th last year. Randy Moss for a 3rd rounder.

Suppose it costs a 3rd rounder (mind you, a 4th could very well get ‘er done) to make Vince a Dolphin. Isn’t that worth it for a mobile quarterback who’s been good for about 3500 total yards, 22 combined TDs and just 10 INTs over his last 16 full starts? That’s fewer interceptions than almost every full time QB in the NFL this season. And, though he was in a run-first offense, Vince still scored more TDs in those sixteen contests than Bradford or Sanchez did this season.

What other QBs are you going to grab in the 3rd round (Trent Edwards, Brodie Croyle, Kevin O’Connell, Colt McCoy, Charlie Whitehurst in recent years)? What sure things are there that far into April’s draft? True, Vince’s emotional baggage makes him far from a sure thing, but the 27-year-old has learned to be a pretty solid and dangerous signal caller. We’ve seen what he’s capable of on the NFL playing field, which is more than you can say for anyone whose name’ll be called on draft weekend.

Lacking a second rounder, could I really complain if by the end of the 3rd round our SoFlo Sea Mammals had added Mark Ingram in the backfield and Vince Young under center? Would I feel a lot better about our offensive potential? Yes indeedy.

I don’t know if Tony “Sir Kicks-a-Lot” Sparano and Jeff “Kathy” Ireland would be willing to tie their fates to a loose cannon like Young. It would be exactly the type of Hail Mary that Tony tends to shy away from (see the end of the 4th quarter vs Green Bay). Still, isn’t it time for Sparano to throw one of those? And haven’t we seen a fresh start do wonders for Mikey “No Longer Killing Dogs” Vick in Philly?

If a CBA is agreed to, players can be traded starting on March 5th. And if Miami is serious about Vince, they ought to pick up the phone and dial Nashville around 12:01am.

Just our three cents.

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13 Responses to “If Interested in Vince Young, Dolphins Should Pounce”

  1. Phinfan4ever January 16, 2011 at 8:55 am #

    Not good enough .. Full of baggage. Losing proposition.. armchair GM’s are full of nonsense
    Who are you Cam Cameron … John Beck.. Tedd Ginn pat White ? Dumb dumb dumb ask Jeff Fisher !!!

    • danewen January 16, 2011 at 9:27 am #

      Which of the following players have been to the Pro Bowl?

      A) John Beck
      B) Ted Ginn
      C) Pat White
      D) Vince Young

      • BrassMonkey January 17, 2011 at 9:08 am #

        OK, now which of the following players have been Baker-acted?

        A) John Beck
        B) Ted Ginn
        C) Pat White
        D) Vince Young

        Seriously, the guy has a screw loose and no matter what went on between Young and Fisher he didn’t carry himself well and was a cancer in the locker room. I’m not against taking a flyer on him as a FA or trading a late-round pick for him, but giving up a 3rd for a nutcase like Young would be unforgivable.

      • danewen January 17, 2011 at 9:23 am #

        That’s all totally fair. I’m just wondering, with so many teams in the QB market, if it might take more ammo than normal to secure the services of a guy in his 20s who’s been playing pretty darned well at the most important position of all. A 3rd would be high, but think about the slim pickins in the 4th round of an NFL draft. You’re lucky to find starters there, and a few of those guys may not make it out of camp.

        Will we be lamenting our QB play next season, watching Vince give defenses nightmares in Arizona, and wondering why we chose to draft OG Stubby McFloppahan instead?

        As usual, many thanks for stopping by The Bottlenose, and for your comments.

      • clyde marshall January 19, 2011 at 5:29 pm #


  2. Phinster January 16, 2011 at 9:37 am #

    vince Young is bad, Orton is probably the best solution. Volek could give us a year or two

    • lorne January 16, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

      you sir are an idiot, Vince Young is the answer.

      • Phinster January 17, 2011 at 9:16 am #

        You;re Young’s agent or cousin! You can’t win in the NFL with a QB that can’t thow more than 12 TD passes

      • danewen January 17, 2011 at 9:51 am #

        Take VY’s 2010 numbers and give him a full season as Miami’s QB. Same attempts as Henne/Thigpen. It comes out to about:

        3400 total yards. 30 total TDs.10 INTs.

    • danewen January 16, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

      “Vince Young is bad”? What does that even mean?

      Orton was solid this year. 20TD and 9INT I think. We could certainly do worse.

      And a Volek/Henne competition for the starting gig would get us all excited (eyes rolling into back of my head).

      There’s just something about a Vince Young/Brandon Marshall/Mark Ingram (or DeAngelo Williams perhaps?) trio that might help forge an identity for this ailing offense.

  3. clyde marshall January 19, 2011 at 6:03 pm #

    O’kay, let’s flip the script. Suppose Jeff Fisher is the loose canon? Suppose teammates in there heart of heart, do not really like to play for Jeff negative Fisher?
    Jeff Fisher still have not won a Superbowl!!!
    Jeff Fisher’s job was saved by Vincent Young on two ocassions!!!
    Jeff Fisher did not have to throw his star player under the bus!!
    Jeff Fisher staunted his growth, during his rookie season, by having VY throw many 3 yeard passes and dump offs; watch the past tapes of 2006.
    Jeff Fisher is the one who went public, if VY defended his desire to play; at least it was done in the clubhouse.
    Feff Fishers friends, the media have continuosly lamented about VY, ever since he was drafted out the University of Texas.
    The media have been very cruel to Vincent Young. I will not allow others opinions, which would allow me to rob a man of a job, which affords him to take care of his family.

    Note, which team would take a *risk* on a loose canon? Those comments may very well hinder his career. Flip the script, Jeff Fisher went public, so who is the loose canon? So far, not one American have ever heard VY, throw his former antagonist under the bus.

    Remember, each of us will have to account on judgement. So what will you tell God about slander and gossip?
    The media states that he was disruptive in the clubhose; however, other members of his team states, he was not disruptive in the clubhouse. Why not report both opinions?

    Adoplf Hitler said, you can tell a lie and others will believe.
    Matt Leinart went public about not playing.
    Jay Cutler went defensive about not wanting to play for the former coach of the Denver Broncos.
    Eli Manning didn’t want to play for the San Diego Chargers.
    Sebastian Janikowski put date rate drugs into females drinks.

    Former Bears qb, Jim McMahon, on once or twice, mooned the fans, or pulled his pants down and showed his butt.

    Brett Favre and his evasiveness about sending lude text messages to female employees, though he is married.

    Marv Albert accosting a female and etc.

    MMMMMMMMMM! So Vincent Young is wild, a loose canon, immature, strange,and divisive????????????

    It seems like to me the media was very soft and silent, towards the others’ inuindos.
    Stop judging one another and let’s deal in foregiveness.
    We foregave Japan.

    I wonder why I haven’t read any condescending remarks about Jeff Fisher, from the media?

    VY has a lot of energy, alike Tim Tebow.

    Oh, the media said, yeah he throws sidearm. And so did Kenny Stabler.
    Watch the movie, A View to Kill. He ask the jury to close their eyes. Then what decision would you render?

    If VY had stayed in (2006) college, he may have played against the outstounding Tim Below. That would have been
    Let God do our communications , and with that said, in Jesus’s name, Amen!!!!!!!!!

    • Dan Ewen January 19, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

      So is he the Japanese? Or is he wrongly accused of being problematic?

      Do things get overhyped by the media? Sure. But does that mean this guy hasn’t showed his behind either? Absolutely not.

      The truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. Either way, everyone can agree (even the Titans, who are cutting ties with the guy who was supposed to be the key to their future) that a change of scenery would be best.

      I personally think he’s a guy we need to pursue. And with Sparano/Ireland in the situation they’re in, a veteran QB makes more sense than a project who may not even contribute.

      Thanks for stopping by The Bottlenose, Clyde.

  4. Clyde Marshall January 20, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    Thank you Dan for your response. I think VY does need a change of scenary, and yes, he would fit very well in a Miami Dolphin uniform. As long as they would allow him to survey the field and to not limt his throws of 15 a game; alias Jeff Fisher.

    Another point that VY made, how come Kerry Collins gets to throw 35 or more times a game? They still didn’t win.
    Hinderance will complicate a grown man’s game.

    Also, there are stats which showed, many of VY,s passes were dropped, the most dropped passes from all QB’s. Which means, he put the ball on the numbers or for the attempt to be caught.

    12 million to sign VY, versus 4.5 million to resign, which would have accumulated to 16.5 million; thus allowing the Titans to save 7.5 million for someone else.

    Lastly, Jeff Fisher robbed the Titan fans of the opportunity to see the excitable VY. VY, didn’t sit himself or take himself out of any games. Have you ever noticed, unlike some other QBs, if there is a fumble or an interception, VY has been known to hussle and track the opponent. Simply efforts on his behalf. Did you know he scuba dives? He played safety and guard during his high school years.

    Well Mack Brown, the media used your comments of stating that VY wouldn’t listen and eventually, you allowed him to call his own plays. Garrett Gilbert listened to you and look what happen!!! You have the drop back passer and he was rated number 2 behind the USC QB, a few years ago.

    There is a reason why Andrew Luck didn’t get excited about QB’ing for the Longhorns or Aggies. I wonder why? Snead transferrd to Ole Ms and Matthew Stafford chose Georgia, mmmmmmmmm?
    Again thank you Dan.


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