How Many Games Does Miami Need to Win in ’11?

26 Jan

Our best guess is that the SoFlo Sea Mammals will be favored in six games next season. Depending on how the offseason plays out we may be breaking in a rookie quarterback. We will be attempting to repair a running game that went from smashmouth to…well…getting smashed in the mouth.

So, trying to gaze into that mysterious and sometimes baffling noggin of Stephen “I Made Up My Mind Before I Changed It” Ross, how many wins will be enough to keep the Bifecta “bifecting” beyond 2011?

At home:


We play eight games against the top nine scoring teams in the NFL. What battles should we win on that schedule? Tough to say these days. Let’s give us the Redskins, both Buffalo games, the Broncos, the Browns and the Raiders. That’s keeping in mind that all of those teams except for the Browns outscored us last year, and that we promptly imported their offensive guru.

If we win all of those games (and seldom does a team win all the games it should). we’re at six victories. So, how many wins will we pile up against the Chargers, Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Patriots, Patriots, Jets, Jets, Chiefs and Texans?

Making a huge dent in this year’s nine losses is going to take a 180 on offense. Our defense was heroic, but any D will start to crumble if left on the field all game. Three big wins against playoff quality teams, and a victory in every “winnable” game, would put us at 9-7, almost certainly out of the playoffs in today’s AFC.

Will barely cracking .500, and missing the playoffs for the third year in a row be enough? Does Ross have a number in his head? Is there an unspoken bar he expects Jeff and Tony to exceed this season? If Ross is going to stick with them, yet again, even if there’s just a one or two game improvement over 2010, he’d better have a quality PR firm on speed dial.

‘Cause I see a whole lot of Dolphin fans sick of watching other teams play deep into January.

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5 Responses to “How Many Games Does Miami Need to Win in ’11?”

  1. markeyh January 26, 2011 at 4:29 pm #

    It just seems way too early for me to know….please forward your crystal ball…….I am going gambling tonight!

    • Dan Ewen January 26, 2011 at 5:48 pm #

      Hell, I’m passing through Vegas tomorrow. Why do you think I’m asking?!

  2. Shula knows January 26, 2011 at 8:08 pm #

    I think unless the Dolphins make the playoffs, Ross will fire the Tri-Dummies.

    Looking at the away games, the Dolphins could go 0-8. The Browns are the only easy team and they lost to them in 2010. Assume they will be a better team. LOSSES = Dallas, Giants, Chargers, Jets, Patriots = 5 losses. 3-5 road.

    Looking at Home games, LOSSES = Houston (have never beat), Eagles, Chiefs, Jets, Patriots = 3-5

    That would be 6-10 for 2011 which is what I previously had predicted. Fans say they could have won a handful of 2010 close games to have been 10-6. I also say they could have easily lost a handful of 2010 close games they won. It evened out. Parody is the theme in the league with most teams between 6-10 to 9-7. Anticipate the Dolphins will fall in this range.

  3. markeyh January 27, 2011 at 10:06 am #

    In all honesty I feel Miami is better than a 7-9 team, they underperformed last this past season. I am happy they didn’t blow things up AGAIN only to start all over with a new HC and new philosophy that would only frustrate me more. I think they are putting the pieces in place and we all should be patient.

    Sometime AFTER the draft and when I see some preseason games I will be in a better position to give my opinion on what they will do….so I will play it safe and say 8-8.

  4. markeyh January 27, 2011 at 10:29 am #

    I do not see any facts you claim you stated. It looks “TO ME” like more complaining about how in your opinion things have stayed the same and more gloom and doom. (Same HC?, Same GM?, Same Henne?)

    I think the biggest problem has been solved and that is Henning being relieved of his duties as well as Lee the QB’s Coach.

    Tony was the OC when Dallas was the 4th best Offense in the NFL. If he working with the New OC cam get Miami ‘s offense at least up to 15th or higher and our Defense picks up from where they left off and play about the same or even better than I would say Miami should do well. It all depends on how aggressive they will be on offense next year IMO.

    Henne is still at best a 2nd year starter who’s put up with the stupid play calling, being taken out of the game just as he gets a rhythm and yelled at when he don’t do things just perfect. (Even IF the play was a success) How can a young guy ever grow if you take all the fun away from the game? Let him make mistakes, tell him it’s ok to take some chances…

    As for Henne I happen to think he is a good QB who can be a very Good QB as long as he is PROPERLY managed. Here’s to hoping they let up on Henne and give him room to grow.

    It’s just funny to me that Henne whose stats are similar if not better than Sanchez’s stats is villainized in Miami and Sanchez is the next Great QB. And Chez was drafted higher and have better talent surrounding him as well as coaching.

    Just give Henne time and I feel we will see we have the QB we want. I hope for the best but am prepared for the worst.

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