Congrats to Our Dan Marino Wheaties Box Essay Winner, Gary Savage

1 Feb

After reading over the many quality entries in our Dan Marino essay contest, we have settled on a winner, Gary “Crazylegs” Savage. His one paragraph essay:

“Dan Marino presented a unique combination of attributes that have not been, and will not be, duplicated by another NFL player. Dan combined god-given talent, toughness, fearlessness, relentlessness, and intelligence to mold himself into the epitome of NFL greatness. Intelligence? Who could forget the improvised fake spike of 1994? Relentlessness? Look at Dan’s consistency and performance excellence, though plagued by an absence of running game, and Tom Olivadotti defenses. Fearlessness? Remember, Greg Lloyd, the maniac Steelers’ LB making good on his promise to take Dan out of a game? I remember that moment. However, what I remember most is a pummeled Dan reaching from his back to pull Mr. Lloyd in for some close commentary of his tackle. God-given talent? Dan created passing lanes for his receivers. How many times did we witness Dan throwing his receivers open? As much as I love the Marks brothers, it didn’t matter who was on the catching end of his passes. Duper, Clayton, Moore, McDuffie, Fryar, Ingram, Gadsden? It just didn’t matter. Dan placed the pig like no other. Case closed. Dan Marino – GOAT.”

We most loved Gary’s recall of Dan Marino reaching up, grabbing a handful of black and gold jersey, and yanking Greg Lloyd in for a talking to. The capper? Gary sticks it to Tom Olivadotti one last time, for never providing Dan with a halfway decent defense. You out there, Tom? Maybe if you can take a break from coaching up the Omaha Nighthawks’ D, you’ll realize you just got served, by Gary effin’ Savage.

Gary will receive the lovely Dan Marino Wheaties box for his efforts. Thanks to all who entered, and look for more giveaways in the near future.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


Gary kept his eyes on the prize.




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