Ten Paragraphs About Marino’s Greatness – By Our Readers

1 Feb

Many thanks to these, the runners up in our Dan Marino one paragraph essay contest. We laughed, we cried, we wished we could see #13 under center one last time. Though you did not win the coveted Dan Marino Wheaties box, you won my respect, which is much more important, though considerably less valuable from a memorabilia standpoint.

For The Bottlenose readers’ enjoyment, we present ten paragraphs about the greatness of Dan Marino, as written by the fans.

From InFINcible:

One paragraph could not surmise the greatness that was Dan Marino. Quickest release ever? Without a doubt! He didn’t need to read defenses because there is no defense for a perfect pass. How many more seasons did it take Favre to break Dan’s records? And how easily was he replaced by the Pack? Marino hasn’t been replaced because you can’t replace the GOAT. The fire? What everyone screams that Henne lacks Marino embodied. His eyes spoke volumes and his arm always delivered the message. The easiest way to prove why he is the GOAT is very simple, find another who is the sole reason of why over 90% of the fan base ever fell in love with the Fins to begin with. I know for me and many others, I love the Fins because I loved Marino first. GO FINS!!


From Ty:

Dan the Man. Jew fros. Draft day controversy and a low Wonderlic score. Laces out. Best sophmore season of all time. A quicker release than an over-excited teenager. Marino is the best quarterback of all time, seriously, for real, no question, and I’d hold you at gunpoint if you said otherwise. If the Dolphins couldn’t win a Superbowl with him, imagine how’d they’d end up without him! They wouldn’t have one anything, especially not a Lombardi. He was a movie star, an entrepreneur, a great father, a philantropist, and a fairly amazing quarterback. He might not be able to hold extra points or save Snowflake alone, but he looks pretty damn good in the three signed posters I have of him at home. Plus, which former player/coach is better on CBS pre-game coverage every Sunday during football season? Not Mushmouth, aka Shannon Sharpe. Dan the Man is the greatest quarterback of all time, seriously. Tell me othewise. I dare ya.


From 1984Phins:

Brady. Montana. Bradshaw. Aikman. When you hear the names of these quarterbacks, your mind immediately thinks of Super Bowls. But, we know the simple fact of the matter is this though: You think of them based on what their teams have accomplished. These quarterbacks needed a team victory in the ultimate team sport to validate their careers. Take those away, they becomes faceless, forgotten. Not Dan Marino. When you think of Marino, you smile, shake your head, and simply say, “Wow.” You just know. You don’t need sports writers with their one-dimensional point of view to tell you how to think. You don’t need talking heads on ESPN to elevate him to Mount Olympus. As Dolphins fans, we just know. We were some of the luckiest fans in history for those seventeen seasons. Each time we see some other guy take the snaps at Joe Robbie, we realize just how priceless those times were. Marino was a belief. It didn’t matter who we played or what the score was. We liked our chances. Down 28-0 against Minnesota? He’ll tie it. Tore his achilles? He’ll come back. Too old, too immobile? He’ll still win playoff games. 4th and short? He’ll go for it all and succeed. You just knew. Marino was unquestionably dubbed, “The greatest pure passer in NFL history.” I hear that and translate it to “The best quarterback ever.”


From Finhead:

Dan Marino spent seventeen seasons as quarterback of the Miami Dolphins and broke almost every passing record possible. His arm strength and accuracy was consistently among the elite throughout his illustrious career. Despite breaking records and producing phenomenal stats, Dan Marino has had to carry around the bad rap of being known as the best quarterback not to win the Super Bowl. His legacy and place among past quarterbacks will be in question because of his lack of post-season success. Arguably, if Marino had won just a single Super Bowl, then he would be documented as the greatest quarterback ever to play football, similar to how Michael Jordan has been hailed as the greatest basketball player of all-time. But his stats alone state that not only is he the best quarterback not to win the Super Bowl, but the best quarterback ever to grace the gridiron.


From Neal W:

Dan Marino was the complete package, on and off the field. His quick release, poise in the pocket, ability to recognize defenses and make the right audible at the line of scrimmage, acurracy, leadership are all legendary. But other QB’s have these skills as well. What puts Dan Marino head and shoulders above everyone else are these intangibles: 1)His ability to elevate everyone else around him; 2)His loyality to his Dolphins and Coach Shula (he could’ve pulled a Favre – we all know he had several serviceable years left); 3)His Dedication to his Family and Community (i.e., zero off the field issues); 4)and, the fact that every fan that watched him play knew that if He was behind center, no matter what the score, we were never out of the game.


From Austin Denney:

Dan Marino’s accolades on Sundays – and more than a few Mondays – were jaw dropping and awe inspiring. His ability to conjure up the magic of Merlin, the strength of Hercules, and the patience of Job helped him surpass even his own middle-name-sake, the Emperor Constantine, on the global all-time list of uber-eminence. But Dan’s legacy transcends the gridiron. His integral assistance in the the arrest and capture of Ray Finkle truly makes him a celestial icon of the 20th century.


From Anthony Fouladi:

A class act and competitor in every sense of the word; Marino expected as much from others as he expected from himself. While his impact on the community through his charitable acts has touched the lives of many, his gridiron performances are what is embedded in the minds of Fin fans. His composure, skill, leadership and tenacity were unsurpassed. So much so that his departure sent the Miami Dolphin franchise on a decade+ search for someone that could even stand in the shadow of such a football god. He played as if he were a skilled technician amongst amateurs. And without ever having a legitimate O-line, defense or running back corps, Marino gave us hope and successfully led the Miami franchise into the limelight. Why was Marino the best? Because the first game after tearing his Achilles (against New England in the season opener) Marino scrambled with everything he had up the middle on a soggy muddy field to gain 13 yards and convert a 4th down; only to subsequently point at the sidelines with fiery eyes and ignite his teammates into forging a victory. Why was Marino the best ever? Because after Marino rifled his record breaking touchdown pass to Keith Byers against Indy, he triumphantly held up the ball during the ensuing celebration, then chided his coaches and teammates to “now go out and win this game.” His is the one player that can make you both happy and sad thinking of him. Happy that you got to witness such a miraculous football god in action, sad because one reminisces of his glory days and laments on how he looks like he could still throw on his pads and lead the Fins to glory. Marino played the game with so much love that he made us love the game. Thank you on behalf of all of us Fin fans Marino.


From William Blake:

At the present time, Dan Marino is the greatest football player of all times. His competitive attitude and his intensity was on the field every game. His skills were phenomenal in reading the defense and the accuracy of his passes were pinpoint lasers. The quick release is the fastest of any other QB that has ever played the game. There is a quote from former Buffalo Bill’s coach Marv Levy that explains how all opposing teams felt when Dan Marino quarterbacked, “The only time I enjoy watching him, is when he’s sitting on the bench”.


From Alan Ludmerer:

Dan Marino Is a man among men. He proved it the first day he stepped on a NFL Field.He took control and never gave it back. A first time Hall of fame inductee his football acomplishments speak for themself. But since he retired from football he has conducted himself with honor and class. He is a proud father and husband. His charitable events and contributions in the south Florida community are endless. He is a true role model and someone worthy of every accolade he has been given. This is why my first born son is named , Daniel Ludmerer. I told him no matter what he chooses to be in life, be a leader not a follower. Give as well as recieve and you will be successful. You don’t need to be a Hall of fame QB to be like Dan Marino. Just make those that love you proud.


From Paul Waxman:

Dan Marino was the greatest football player of all time for 2 main reasons. His passion and heart for the game was so overwhelming, you could always see that in his eyes. And to him just as important was his passion and heart and love for his family. He truly got it done both on and off the field.
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One Response to “Ten Paragraphs About Marino’s Greatness – By Our Readers”

  1. bond, david bond February 1, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    I agree. Dan Marino was and is the greatest quarterback ever to play the game. It did not matter what the score was and how many touchdowns the dolphins needed; everyone knew that their was a realistic chance that Dan could get it done. When Dan Marino can into the game for the first time as a rookie and relieved David Woodley; the dolphins were down 17 to 0; with one minute and 27 seconds left in the game; Dan threw two touchdowns and time ran out. Miami lost that game 17 to 14. I KNEW THEN, THAT DAN WAS “THE MAN”. Just imagine if Dan had about five minutes to work his magic!

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