Thanks for a Great First Year, Dolfans!

20 Feb

One year ago today, when I found myself yet again ranting to a fellow fan about one SoFlo Sea Mammal matter or another, it was suggested that I start a blog. Thus, The Bottlenose was born.

Whether you’ve enjoyed our contributions to the Dolphin Nation conversation, or if you wish we would crawl into a sea cave and die, we thank you for visiting.

We’re proud to be a part of such a strong and varied online network of news sites and blogs. Many thanks to those who link in our direction. We are proud to send folks your way as well. Thanks to UPI, FWIX and for posting our stories. Thanks to Big Dave at for inviting me to publish there. Thanks to Omar Kelly for being our unofficial “NewsTweet” jedi. And of course thanks to Curt at, the greatest Miami Dolphins news hub in the world.

Go Dolphins!


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