Stage Set for Massive Free Agent Deals

28 Feb

There won’t be free agency until after the 2011 draft, which sets the stage for a barrage of huge paydays once a CBA is reached.

Normally a team has a bit more leverage when the first FA negotiations begin. “Sure, we can give this guy $16m guaranteed, but we’re also feeling good about the depth of that position in the draft.”

By the time the free agent parade begins, the holes on a team will be infinitely more glaring. Suppose the Dolphins draft a young QB, feature RB, speed wideout and a pure pass rusher with our first four picks. That could be a fantastic draft, but it could also leave us with no answers along the offensive line.

Enter monster free agent guard Big McGiganticahan in June. He knows we need him. His agent knows we need him. There’s no upcoming draft as an option. Even the cap will be higher.

This year, Big’s going to get paid in full.


2 Responses to “Stage Set for Massive Free Agent Deals”

  1. brandon February 28, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

    Do whatever it takes to improve the offensive line. Center number one. QB,RB, another big WR, maybe another TE. If we improve the worst parts of the offense, we should be play-off ready

    • Dan Ewen February 28, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

      There’s definitely an argument to be made for taking a stud O-lineman in the 1st… But hopefully we could trade down, add a 2nd, and still grab that guy lower in round 1.

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