At Receiver, Moore of Marlon May Be Enough

8 Mar

He’s caught six passes in his career. He’s returned a pair of kicks, and he’s run the ball once. Not a huge sample size to look at from his first go-round in Davie, but second-year wideout Marlon Moore has made plays when given the chance.

Of his seven offensive touches, gains of 5, 7, 13, 16, 17, 29, and 57 yards, for over 20 yards every time he got his hands on the ball. Don’t forget two kick returns for 52 yards. It’s sad, but when you consider the sorry state of our 2010 offense and special teams, the guy was practically lightning in a bottle.

Anthony Armstrong showed promise, but we let him leave the Seaquarium before really seeing him swim with the big boys. Armstrong then became a key contributor with the Redskins last season, with 871 yards in just 11 starts. Either he improved once he left, or we weren’t exactly sure what we had. Perhaps a little bit of both.

Whatever the case, we just hope the Dolphins fully explore the possibility that the deep threat wideout we need may already be on the roster.

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