Miami Mulling Mallett

13 Apr

We can’t remember a draft with this many quarterback needy teams. In prior years a few squads might have already plugged their holes under center via free agency or trade. However, the CBA mess has made the draft the first stop for QB talent. As Ryan Mallett visits over the next 48 hours, the SoFlo Sea Mammals had better pay very close attention.

QBs will be in high demand on draft weekend. Newton and Gabbert are expected to go before we’re on the clock. Trading down in the hopes of getting Mallett later will be a heck of a gamble, with so many franchises in the market.

It may be one of those times when we need to avoid being cutesy, and simply pull the trigger at pick 15. Newton won’t be ready to play right away. Gabbert might. Something tells us that Mallett won’t have a problem standing in the pocket and slinging it if called upon.

Of course, this 48 hours may be dedicated more to diagnosing Mallett’s mentality than his physicality. Few doubt the makeup of Ryan’s arm, though some question whether his Overall Douchebag Quotient (ODQ) outweighs his talent level.

The Bifecta will surely have Ryan taking Xs and Os and throwing a fair share of passes, but that may all really be window dressing. This visit may be as much about off the field as on it.
For Ireland and Sparano, breaking bread with Ryan may be just as revealing as breaking down game film. We know his stats. We know his measurables.

But there’s still that elusive ODQ.

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One Response to “Miami Mulling Mallett”

  1. RobertRotten April 14, 2011 at 1:06 am #

    let’s just hope Ireland doesnt ask him if his mother is a crack whore and if his daddy is a pimp.

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