Miami’s Future Quarterback Huddles Up with Miami’s Future Coach?

14 Apr

Jon Gruden and Ryan Mallett sat down recently on ESPN’s ‘QB Camp’, one of our favorite features (video link below).

Mallett’s certainly on our radar, considered by many as the top arm in the draft. Miami brass will be dissecting Mallett during a 48-hour visit today and tomorrow.

Owner Stephen “Crazylegs” Ross is rumored to have had a man-crush on Gruden for some time. Why didn’t he consider Gruden during the 27-hour coaching search this winter? Well, certainly you noticed GM Jeff Ireland riding shotgun during the trip out west to meet with Harbaugh. If Ireland was on the search committee, or was perhaps the entire search committee (aside from a few phone calls with Carl Peterson), then it’s no wonder that neither Gruden or Cowher were approached. Both of them would have replaced Jeff Ireland faster than you can say “Your mother is a prostitute.”

At any rate, there is a scenario in which we bring in Mallett as the signal caller of the future, but still disappoint in 2011. Ross jettisons The Bifecta, then backs the Brinks truck up to Jon Gruden’s house. Is he overrated? Some say so. A few points though. 1) It’s never, ever easy to win a Super Bowl.  2) Gruden may not have built the Bucs, but the team he did build in Oakland also made it to the Super Bowl that year. 3) “Grudes” was also robbed of another trip to at least the AFC Championship game by the travesty that was “The Tuck Rule”.

One can never predict the future, but it was fun to watch Mallett and Gruden go back and forth. We are digging this Arkansas kid. Kind of “Dirty South”, with a hint of John Wayne mixed in. We could see him getting in the huddle and winning guys over. Swagger, baby. Swagger.



2 Responses to “Miami’s Future Quarterback Huddles Up with Miami’s Future Coach?”

  1. dodgeguy April 14, 2011 at 10:21 am #

    looks like he’ll control the huddle and command it also. i think he’s a q.b. first and will always look to make a play.i think his guys will follow him into the fire, even when you know your gonna get burned. i don’t see leaf in him, although i think there’s a fine line to that being a possibility….if he’s in the right situation, i think he’ll make a fine pro q.b.

    • Dan Ewen April 14, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

      A fine situation, like say, an All Pro beast and a stud slot guy to throw to?

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