New Running Back or New Era?

27 Apr

The truth is, by and large, quarterbacks make eras. The inability of the SoFlo Sea Mammals to find the right guy to break the huddle has defined the franchise for almost my entire adult life. We’ve had Hall of Fame defenders in that time. We’ve fielded strong running backs. But we’ve somehow managed to avoid any steadiness under center.

Tomorrow night we’ll all get out our good luck charms, put on our jerseys, and watch to see what the Bifecta has up its sleeve. An ungodly number of mocks have had us taking Mark “Crazylegs” Ingram. I like him. I think he’ll be a good pro.  But what are the odds of the next ten years going down as the “Mark Ingram Era”? Hell, what are the odds of it going down as the “Chad Henne Era”? Or the “Jake Long Era” for that matter?

There will be Pro Bowl quarterbacks in this draft. There will be guys who win championships. There will be guys who break the huddle with every player believing in them, and every fan knowing their team is still in the game. By our third round pick the odds of finding that guy become much lower.

Do we jump on a new QB at pick 15? Do we move down, add a pick or two, and grab that guy late in first or in the second? Mallett, Kaepernick, Dalton, Ponder. We all know the lists, the mocks, the names. Do we wait and see what leftovers are sitting there in the third and beyond? Do we brave the madness of a post-draft free agency period?

Or do Sparano and Ireland chain themselves to the bow of the SS Henne, content to go down with the ship if need be? If I were in the War Room, and I had a feeling about any of the quarterbacks left on the board, I don’t know if I would be able to pull the trigger on a tailback or lineman and sit ’til the middle of round three.

More drifting at the quarterback position could send us headlong into “The Gruden Era”. “The Cowher Era” has an okay ring to it as well.

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