Pouncey Pick Doesn’t Necessarily Hand Henne the Gig

28 Apr

News flash. Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams didn’t both start suddenly sucking last year. Our o-line did. So, with the best interior lineman on the board at pick 15, Miami made the safe, sensible choice to bring in Mike “Better Be As Good as My Twin” Pouncey.

Now, does this mean that Chad Henne has officially been given a vote of confidence? Not necessarily. As of press time (Bears on the clock), Dalton, Mallett and Kaepernick are still on the board. Not to mention Kyle Orton, Kevin Kolb and Vince Young all could be batted around over the offseason.

So stay tuned Dolfans. We’ve got plenty of drafting left, not to mention a semi-desperate regime, and an owner who’s shown no fear of signing big checks in the offseason. 

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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