The Bottlenose’s Favorite Remaining Players

30 Apr

Some of the guys we’re still sold on. Notice they’re all designed to make us a little more dangerous. We added some thunder over the last couple of days in Mike Pouncey and Daniel Thomas. We hope the Sea Mammals can ride the lightning down the stretch.

Edmond Gates, WR – Small school burner. Could be Desean Jackson part two.
Denarius Moore, WR – Slipping through the cracks. All the physical tools, and has battled the best in the SEC. Needs to work on his hands, but so does Julio Jones.

DJ Williams, TE – Undersized but dangerous.
Virgil Green, TE – Same as above.

Taiwan Jones, RB – Burner, could make a great 3rd down back.
Mario Fannin, RB – Amazing speed and size. Great hands too, though needs to work on fumbles.
Derrick Locke, RB – Serious change of pace/3rd down skills. “Quicks” galore.
Noel Devine, RB – Again, 3rd down, kick return potential. Is “Sproles-esque” a word?

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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