Could Hasselbeck’s Hot Streak Continue in South Beach?

4 May

Though it registered on the Richter Scale, the story of last year’s Seattle playoff run wasn’t Marshawn Lynch’s epic scamper. It was the insane play of veteran Matt Hasselbeck that keyed the Seahawks’ surge.

The old-timer threw for 530 yards, 7 TDs and 1 INT in the playoffs. He was legitimately on fire. But a look at his regular season stats is a completely different story. Matty threw only 12 TDs, with 17 INTs, and 214 yards per game last year. That was alarmingly similar to Chad Henne’s 15 TDs, 19 INTs, and 220 ypg.

So, was the playoff run a reminder that Matt Hasselbeck can still play at a Pro Bowl level? Or was this the last hurrah for a guy still on an overall decline?

We think the latter is a bit more likely, and we’re putting Hasselbeck pretty low on our offseason QB wish list. He’s 35 years old. He hasn’t thrown more TDs than INTs since the 2007 season.

To be fair, Hasselbeck didn’t have Brandon Marshall to throw to up there. Heck, he didn’t have Davone Bess either. We’re open to being wrong. And if Matt ends up being our consolation prize in the free agent QB derby, we’ll hope like hell that we are.

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