Miami Running Back Situation Complicated by Labor Strife

13 May

In an ideal world the SoFlo Sea Mammals might already have a one-two punch of Daniel Thomas and Deangelo Williams in place. Or Thomas would be complimented by Darren Sproles as our third down back. Or Noel Devine might already be in town, ready to do his best Sproles impression at a fraction of the cost. Or Kentucky’s Derrick Locke might be doing the same. Or we’d know if Ronnie or Ricky will be back in Davie for another go-round.

Alas, things are still a mess with the CBA, and no free agency has been allowed. Once free agency opens it will presumably feature both veteran and undrafted players. This could make for a fast and furious few days. No doubt the agents for Noel Devine and/or Derrick Locke will be looking for the best landing spot for their clients. Miami seems like a prime candidate to add a back like that. However, Miami might be in on the Sproles bidding, which may take a little while to sort out. Same with DeAngelo Williams.

Could we pursue and miss out on a veteran back, at the cost of a key undrafted free agent signing? It’s setting up to be a bit of a whirlwind. Perhaps there will be some “unofficial” contact between the Dolphins and a few agents. Some numbers scribbled on a napkin at a greyhound track maybe? We hope Jeff Ireland is ready to do some fancy footwork once the flood gates open.

Because what’s worse than not signing Darren Sproles? Not signing Darren Sproles AND the next Darren Sproles.

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