Deep Ball Stats Reveal Much About Henne and His Potential Competitors

16 May

Kudos to for putting together a great study about how quarterbacks fared in the vertical game last season. I’ll let you take a gander, but a few things that jumped out right off the bat.

*Vince Young has the highest completion rate on deep balls (which the study defined as passes that went more than 20 yards in the air). The troubled signal caller almost completed 50% of these passes, though his shortened season made for a smaller sample size than his competitors.

*Kyle Orton’s deep accuracy was better than Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer and Ben Roethlisberger.

*Chad Henne’s deep accuracy was 29th in the league.

*Henne threw only 8% of his passes more than 19 yards downfield, good for 30th in the league.

*Carson Palmer was also fond of the shorter routes, ranking 27th in deep attempts.

*Kyle Orton had the lowest rate of interceptions on his deep balls, with only 2.74% of his long balls resulting in turnovers.

At any rate, fun with numbers during the  lockout. Here’s the link.

Orton's state of the art neckbeard forms a protective barrier against interceptions.


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