Dolphins History of Winning Gives Way to a Volatile Present (With Bonus Graph for Your Enjoyment)

12 Jul

The Dolphins started as losers. Expansion teams uniformly do. What followed was a winning tradition that was almost unheard of. But in recent history the franchise has been rather volatile. Wanny’s reign (which began with four straight winning seasons, strangely enough) gave way to a four-win doozie of a campaign and his ouster. We saw a glimmer of hope with Saban logging a winning season, followed by a losing year and his mad dash to the SEC. Then Cam Cameron yanked us to the bottom of the Seventh Circle of Hell. The Trifecta rode in on white horses and led us to a division crown, before even they were dragged south of .500. Which way are we headed, Dolphin Nation? The defense is doing its part, but if Tony and Jeff can’t solve our QB situation, can we really expect to climb in the standings?

Lots of chatter about the lockout ending soon. We can only hope. Fantasy leagues are starting up in good faith. Hell, I’m even buying tickets to the Chargers/Dolphins dust-up a few hours south of here. Make it happen, guys.


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