The Vince Young Derby Could Be Fast and Furious

23 Jul

This morning identified a section of the owners’ CBA proposal that may very well have put the end of the Vince Young, Tennessee  marriage on the fast track. If agreed to, and we don’t see why the players would challenge this section, roster bonuses would be due on the second day of the “league year”, which starts the moment those doors are opened.

The troubled yet talented Young will be due $4.25 million just 24-hours after those padlocks come off and business resumes. This should make for a very interesting flurry of activity. Sure, there will be some teams, perhaps even our SoFlo Sea Mammals, who will simply wait for Tennessee to cut VY. And that could very well happen at 11:59pm on day one of the league year, if the Titans don’t want to eat that bonus. Would it make sense for Tennessee to pay over four million dollars for the chance to squeeze a fourth-round pick out of someone for Vince a week down the line? That seems like a waste of a sizable pile of ducats. There is also the remote possibility that the Titans are getting cold feet about letting him leave town.

However, Tennessee would most certainly grant suitors immediate permission to talk with  Vince’s reps about a renegotiated deal, to replace his currently prohibitive contract. This could give an aggressive trade partner a tiny window to renegotiate his salary and acquire Young via trade within those 24 hours. But GMs had better draw up their offers now, and have their fax machines (do they still use faxes? Seems like they should be phased out in the new CBA) on speed dial.

The teams that would be atop the wish list? Ones where Vince could actually see the field. That would seemingly put Miami right smack dab in the mix. When not passing his shoulder pads into row 23, Vince has played solid quarterback lately. We maintain that with a reasonable, incentive-based contract, a fourth rounder for someone with his upside is good value.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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