A Few Things to Look for Against the Bucs

27 Aug

*Is our offense showing life, or was Carolina’s defense just showing death?

Carolina followed up the loss to the Dolphins with a pasting at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals. Perhaps the emergence of Miami’s offense last week was in part due to a defense that’s more kitten than panther? We’ll know a lot more tonight.

*Who is going to step up at running back?

You know, aside from Bush and Grigsby the rest of Miami’s stable is shaping up to be, well, pretty darned big and slow. Between Daniel Thomas, Larry Johnson, Lex Hilliard, Charles Clay and Lou Polite we’re probably averaging about 239lbs with a 4.68 40. We’re hoping Grigsby flashes tonight, because if Bush goes down (and he’s not known as the most durable man on Earth), we could be talking three yards and a cloud of dust for the rest of the year. Larry Johnson was a beast many moons ago. It’ll be interesting to see if the 31 year old has anything left in the tank. 

*Can Livas spark the return game again?

He was unable to find much room in his second game. Livas received no looks on offense. He will make the team or not based purely on his special teams prowess. It’s a limited sample size, but Lil’ Phil has averaged three more yards than Hester on punt returns, and on kickoffs has averaged the same as Jacoby Ford.

We maintain that committing a roster spot to a KR/PR ace is a smart move, considering they would probably accumulate about 70 attempts on the season. There is a lot of opportunity to change the tide of games, provide great field position, and immediately answer after opponent scores. Our defense is going to force a lot of punts, and it would be nice to have someone dangerous back there. Correction: It wouldn’t be nice. It would be smart.

May tonight answer some questions, and may the clock expire with a roster full of healthy Dolphins.

GO MIAMI, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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