Dolphins Hamstrung by Clay’s Hamstring?

3 Sep

Dolphins FB/TE/H-BACK/WATERBOY/STATISTICIAN/TRAINER Charles Clay hasn’t seen the field in a little while. More like a long while. Clay missed the last two preseason contests with a wonky hamstring. If it isn’t clear when the rookie’s ham will once again be properly strung, it could complicate today’s cuts in a major way.

It seems that Charles Clay has supplanted Lou Polite as the starting fullback. However, if there’s some doubt about Clay’s availability for our Monday Night Football tilt against the Patsies, Polite could be spared the axe. The Fins could be forced to expose a player they hope to sneak onto the practice squad solely for one game’s worth of fullback play and one-yard dives by Polite.

We think it was worth noting that it was Lex Hilliard who paved the way for Larry Johnson on his 22-yard score against the Cowboys. Hilliard is a glorified fullback at 240lbs, and we would hope the Sea Mammals would simply roll with him at fullback until Clay is healed, rather than keeping three fullbacks on the 53-man roster at the expense of Livas, or Spears, or another player who could play a significant role this season, or down the road.

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