Dolphins Thin Yet Gigantic at Running Back

5 Sep


Reggie Bush 203lbs, 4.33

Daniel Thomas 230lbs, 4.61

Lex Hilliard 240lbs, 4.65

Charles Clay 245lbs, 4.69

We love the Reggie Bush signing, but the man has missed over 20 games thus far in his career, including half of last season. You never want to hear the words “microfracture surgery” in the same sentence as your top-shelf running back. Bush is a true talent, and he will allow Chad Henne’s short-game to suddenly become dangerous. But notice something about the list above?

If #22 goes down we might find ourselves in Fullback City. Though Long has been injured, has the play of our offensive line inspired confidence that a slower, big back will consistently find daylight? Aside from Bush our RB corps averages 238lbs with a 4.65 time in the dash.

It’s just a little something that jumps out at us on the current depth chart. This team was in desperate need of big plays last season. Adding Bush can certainly help to reverse that, and there may still be some roster moves in the works. However, as it stands the rest of the backfield could put us at square one if something big and hairy happens to the electric Bush.

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2 Responses to “Dolphins Thin Yet Gigantic at Running Back”

  1. bond, david bond September 5, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

    Yeah, Reggie Bush is a playmaker. I believe Sparano should poach that Tanner kid off the Cowboys practice squad. He showed a lot of potential during preseason as their 3rd runningback. I believe that Philip Lavis could also serve as a backup scatback. He is rugged and I noticed that he can break tackles too.

  2. Sterling September 6, 2011 at 7:09 am #

    you called him “the electric bush”. that is funny. 😉

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