Post-Week 3 Stock Report: Bandaged Browns Still Bash Blowholes

28 Sep

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) after snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in Northern Ohio? 399 (-39 points)


DANIEL THOMAS (NYSE: DTHOM) +2 1/4: We’ll take 122 total yards any day of the week from a rookie still learning the ropes. Reggie was unimpressive in his 11 rushes, while DT ran strong on 26 touches. A stock to grab now.

BRIAN HARTLINE (NASDAQ: LINE) +4: It’s nice to see a role player flashing. Hartline has made the most of his opportunities. Even more than that, he’s regularly conjuring up highlight reel grabs. He had a great day in front of his Buckeye State peeps. One of the more underrated performers on the exchange.


CHAD HENNE (NYSE: CHENN) -3: The numbers were decent, but Henne is still having trouble sealing the deal at crunch time. The leap (assuming one is on the way) for Chad will come when he starts making the two or three game-changing tosses that he’s currently whiffing on.

BRANDON MARSHALL (NASDAQ:BMARSH) -3: He’s dangerous, but he isn’t lethal. A couple of massive catches have slipped through The Beast’s claws. His numbers have steadily dipped since week one.

PAUL SOLIAI (NASDAQ: SOLI) -4 1/2: With Hillis on the sideline, Montario Hardesty averaged 4.8 yards per carry. We haven’t seen much of The Mad Islander in beast mode this year, strange since there is a massive contract awaiting him if he excels. This stock is sagging, but the season is young.

KEVIN BURNETT (NYSE: BURN) -5: Two tackles? Really? This import was brought in to make plays, and he simply hasn’t.  Meanwhile Channing Crowder, who perhaps meant something deeper to this squad, is wrestling alligators in the Everglades. This was an exciting newcomer on the exchange, but the buzz is now a whisper. 

TONY SPARANO (NYSE: TSPAR) -11: Who exactly can we beat? Tony already came within an inch of getting pink-slipped last winter, and Ross was willing to make a college guy the highest paid coach in the NFL while doing it. The players are saying Tony has their support, yet a handful are also saying that the team has been practicing poorly. You can’t have it both ways. If we aren’t prepared, that falls largely on the Head Coach. Seems like a change is both imminent and needed. The penny stock bin awaits.

SUMMARY: More cheering for field goals that keep us within range of our foes. Stalled drives, left and right. Winless, and not likely to win this weekend either. Mixed messages from the players and owner. There is a tropical storm brewing in Davie.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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