Pre-Chiefs Stock Report: Are We Just “Pretty Darned Bad”? Or Are We “De-Finned by a Chinese Fishing Boat Bad”?

6 Nov

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) as we head to Kansas City at a chiefly 0-7? 224 (-26 points)


REGGIE BUSH (NYSE: BUSHY) +2 1/3: Don’t call him a bust. He’s not. Don’t complain about his salary. It was a fair price. He has been a bright spot for a team with precious few of them. When we’ve truly implemented him in games Reggie has answered the call. 120 total yards, and 6.9 a carry?You know, assuming we find the second coming of Marino this offseason, having Bush as a pass-catching, speed back will be a great help. An underrated stock.


MATT MOORE (NASDAQ: MMOO) -2: And back down to Earth for Matty. A rating in the 50s and a pick. Nice bootleg for a touchdown though. Perhaps if Danny Thomas keeps pulling up lame we can keep Moore around as a gadget halfback? Penny stock bin.

DANIEL THOMAS (NYSE: DTHOM) -3: We don’t like docking guys for injuries, but missing too much time does start to eat away at a player’s value. He has the body of Adonis, and the hamstrings of Stephen Hawking. If he could stay healthy for any length of time he could get on a real roll. We’d still buy low, expecting future improvement.

TONY SPARANO (NYSE: TSPAR) -10: Yet an0ther defeat wrestled away from the jaws of victory. To Tony’s credit, we held the lead for a good part of this game in a hostile environment against a good team. However, not sealing the deal has become a trademark of these Dolphins, and this game unfortunately is added to the mounting pile of evidence that The Mad Fistpumper is not long for South Florida. Unless of course he can coach Jai-alai. Junk status. Sell, sell, sell. If you can find a buyer.

SUMMARY: The Giants are at least a solid team, and giving them a run for their money is a positive sign that the talent to succeed is in that locker room. However, faltering down the stretch is a sign that the level of heart in that locker room isn’t there. It wasn’t there in the second half last season either. If the fighting in the media wasn’t proof enough, perhaps the altercation between Vontae Davis and Brandon Marshall can help confirm that this is a fractured pod of sea mammals.

Will our meteoric rise up the draft board continue against the Chiefs? Stay tuned.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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