Philbin + Flynn = Win?

20 Dec

He’s helped to create an absolute powerhouse offense in Green Bay, and Joe Philbin is on everyone’s list of potential head coaches. If Stephen Ross doesn’t land one of the “celebrity” coaches floating out there in the cosmos, his attention may turn to the coordinators who have earned their shots. Philbin has certainly earned his.

There’s an interesting asterisk next to Philbin’s name, and that’s a backup quarterback and soon to be free agent named Matt Flynn. Flynn has done everything asked of him while backing up Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau. He’s only started one game, and performed very well in icy Foxboro. Teams may be gun shy after the Kevin Kolb semi-disaster in Arizona. However, unlike any quarterback in the upcoming draft, there is tape of Matt Flynn facing NFL defenses, and NFL speed.

If we zero in on Philbin this offseason, the very first question we’d ask him is whether or not Matt Flynn is the real deal. Philbin has worked with the kid for years. If anyone would know, he would. And if his answer is “Yes”, then perhaps we could drag Matt Flynn down to South Beach once free agency opens. Our second half resurgence may have pushed us out of the elite QB draft area.  Bringing in Flynn would certainly open up the top of the draft to other positions of need.

Here’s an interview with Philbin.

Is Flynn the next Schaub? Or the next Kolb? AP Photo/Mike Roemer



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