Tannehell Yes

25 Apr

Peyton Manning was never going to  play for Miami. Ever. The man wouldn’t even meet with our Owner, or our beloved GM Jeff Ireland. What exactly happened with Matt Flynn may never be known. Did we lowball him, assuming he’d accept because of his comfort level with Joe Philbin? Were we unsure of his ability? Or did Flynn not like seeing our #1 wideout disappear before his very eyes just before his visit? Or is the “vibe” at Seahawks headquarters that much better than in Davie? All we really know is that the Dan Marino hangover continues, while the blotches of empty seats grows wider.

The SoFlo Sea Mammals had the 22nd ranked offense in football last season, and over 20% of it was shipped to the Windy City for two 3rd rounders. This is an offensive unit that could be facing a wildly anemic season, leaving our solid defense on the field for far too long, and keeping us far from the playoff hunt. Matt Moore with Brandon Marshall had a decent rating, but threw for 192 yards per game, putting him in the bottom three starting QBs in the league. There is a small but proud faction of Dolfans who believe Moore can be “the guy” moving forward. We respectfully aren’t buying, and we don’t think the bulk of Dolphin Nation is either.

So here we are, the #6 scoring defense in football, and an offense that kind of sucked, and looks primed to suck a little harder this upcoming season. Is someone like Michael Floyd going to be the guy to turn this all around? We had a perennial All Pro at wideout already, and we were still puttering up and down the field. The truth is, you generally go as far as your quarterback will take you. We’ve been shopping at the bargain bin for too long at the worst position to do so.

Is Ryan Timothy Tannehill a sure thing? No. He’s not as experienced at the position as you’d like, having started out at wide receiver at Texas A&M. But he is a hugely intriguing quarterback prospect. That’s understating it. He’s a physical freak. Drafting him could put the Sea Mammals at the forefront of a dual threat quarterback movement that will include Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and Jake Locker.  What’s more, our new offensive coordinator Mike Sherman knows Ryan like the back of his hand. Though injecting a rookie quarterback into an offense can be a clunky process, we think it would be excellent to begin with that head start. No football man on Earth knows more about Tannehill’s weaknesses and strengths than Sherman.

When’s the last time someone electric was under center for the Dolphins? My God it’s been for ages. Is there a chance of misfiring? Of course. But if he’s available Tannehill absolutely presents the opportunity to catch lightning in a bottle. Not to mention if there’s one position where you take a chance on hitting the jackpot it’s at quarterback. We would accept an anemic offense for now, so long as this phenomenal talent was being groomed. We would accept the time it takes to get a kid ready for live action in this league.

But are we honestly going to go into battle with a vast sea of empty seats, Ross parading B-list celebrities up and down the sidelines, and no end in sight for the Marino hangover that’s haunted us for so long?

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2 Responses to “Tannehell Yes”

  1. pamela cairns April 25, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    our perenial reciever dropped the ball….a lot!

  2. InFINSible April 25, 2012 at 2:12 pm #

    The problem with stats is you can skew them to paint whatever picture you want, that’s why I prefer to go with the “eyeball test”. When is the last time you remember a Dolphins offense attack downfield as much as last year? Matt Moore may not have been perfect, but with the lockout, no OTA’s etc etc he did a more than admirable job. It was the first time in a long time i could remember seeing the QB drop back to pass and not worry about it being a checkdown or an INT but actually excited to see how we were attacking 20+ yards downfield. Maybe we have sucked for so long I don’t know what a good QB looks like anymore, but I am definitely willing to give the kid another shot. Not to mention I am 100% convinced our coaching staff for the last 4 years did not know how to develop talent. I’m excited to see what this new staff can do with the young guys on the roster. I’m not against Tannehill, but if he’s the pick I want him playing this year. I want impact guys in this draft, I want us to do everything we can to win this year, every sunday. And if your the 8th pick of the draft you better be ready to play. I’d much rather see us add playmakers and get an offense that can match our D.

    GO Fins!!

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