Will One of These Kids Be There at Pick Ten?

27 Apr

Firstly, we want to give our thumbs up to the Tannehill selection. Physical freak. Will be hard to defend, and will buy our WRs that extra second to shake free. Has a familiarity with this offense and OC. Do you draft a lineman based largely on upside at #8? No. You would want him to start immediately. But quarterback is another story. Few signal-callers start immediately, and this pick was made knowing that this diamond was still partly in the rough.

We think he compares with Jake Locker. Did you catch a glimpse of Locker this past season? It was in limited time but (WARNING, FANTASY TIDBIT) Jake Locker was the only player in the NFL with more fantasy points per snap than Aaron Rodgers. We didn’t trade down and gamble on “Tanny” being there later. We did what we somehow haven’t managed to do since Ronald Reagan’s first term. We pulled the trigger on a quarterback in round one.

And just 9 picks from now we’ll be on the clock once more. Some impressive names still out there. Here are a handful of guys we would love to see fall to #10.

STEPHEN HILL (WR, Georgia Tech) – A freak, freak, freak. Gigantic and fast. Had limited opportunities to showcase his ability in the Tech offense. The Dolphins WR corps has nothing resembling a #1 right now.

RUEBEN RANDLE (WR, LSU) – Another guy with #1 wideout potential. Big target who was underutilized, but could blossom quickly at the next level.

CORDY GLENN (OL, GEORGIA) – Massive tackle who could make one hell of a bookend opposite Jake Long. Still, he might not fit the Philbin mold.

JONATHAN MARTIN (OL, STANFORD) – This is a solid kid who could easily wind up being a solid RT for the next decade. Not a flashy pick, but RT was horrific for us last season.

ZACH BROWN (OLB, NORTH CAROLINA) – A physical freak (242lbs, 4.5) who can play any LB position and will disrupt backfields from day one. Would immediately make Koa Misi a full time special teamer.

COURTNEY UPSHAW (DE/OLB, ALABAMA) – Didn’t impress on the stopwatch, but he is a guy we would gladly accept in our defensive rotation. Simply put, a baller.

COBY FLEENER (TE, STANFORD) – He will be a threat downfield, and a great target for a developing quarterback. Speed, size combo. 4.52 at 247lbs? Great hands. Could be our “Gronk”.

Personally we’d prefer to see Hill, Randle or Fleener. Our receiving corps is a snoozer at the moment, all side dishes and no roast. The Brandon Marshall trade may haunt us all season if we can’t buy a first down while Cutler and The Beast are lighting it up in the Windy City. Adding pass-catching talent is a must.

See you tonight, folks. And GO DOLPHINS!


One Response to “Will One of These Kids Be There at Pick Ten?”

  1. Brandon April 27, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    a deep threat downfield is the biggest concern along with the right side of the offensive line. WR 2ND then RT 3RD. a DT,DE or OLB 4TH. dont screw it up. we were the only team that picked a player the first round that wont be on the field this year, we always screw up with our picks so its not going to be a shock if we dont get our needs, and to THINK THEY WONDER WHY THE FANS DONT SHOW UP FOR GAMES!

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