Week 3 Stock Report: Surging Sea Mammals Set Sights on Sanchez

23 Sep

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) after roasting the Raiders: 472.2 (+71)


RYAN TANNEHILL (NASDAQ:TANN) +3 1/4: Dr. T looked very solid on Sunday, and it will be interesting to see what he can make happen against a much more serious Jets defense. Tanny looked great on the move, scoring once through the air and once on the ground. Rolling this kid out could be the key, as it puts more pressure on defenses, and avoids passes being tipped at the line. He’s a physical freak, and no use putting a square peg in a round hole. A stock on the rise, as he showed his earning potential for the first time in games that count.

PAUL SOLIAI (NYSE:PSOLI) +3 1/2: Darren McFadden is not a 2.0ypc back, but that’s all that was there for him against this Miami run defense. This all starts with the mountain in the middle. Good job locking him down this past offseason. A rock solid nose.

BRIAN HARTLINE (NASDAQ:HART) +4 1/2: What a performance by the newly returned Hartline. He played catch with Dr. T all day long. Sure hands, solid routes, a wispy mustache. What more could Dolfans ask for? Is he a #1? Nope. But if he can keep this up at least our passing game with have a pulse. An underrated asset.

REGGIE BUSH (NYSE: BUSHY) +8 1/4: A beastly, beastly performance by Reggie. He wanted to lead the league in rushing, and he ain’t far off, at least at this early stage of the year. He burned, he tapdanced, he sledgehammered. We discussed the idea of extending Reggie’s contract last week. Perhaps the Dolphins will discuss it too. Lamar Miller has talent sure, and Daniel Thomas has flashed from time to time. But what we saw on Sunday is special.


LEGEDU NAANEE (NYSE:LENAA) -2 1/2: It’s looking like Miami will serve as one of a handful of places this physically gifted receiver has gone and ultimately underwhelmed. Bess is balling. Hartline has come to play. But there’s still a black hole at WR1. Know who looked good over there? Rishard Matthews. Maybe he’ll get a look before it’s all said and done. Closest thing we saw to a playmaker in preseason.

SUMMARY: We beat someone. Better than that, we kinda stomped someone. What a second half by the Sea Mammals. How about that run defense? How about that run offense? Beating the Jets would be a massive statement. We don’t expect them to run on us, but our pass defense hasn’t exactly been shutting folks down. Keller’s out, but we expect Sanchez to have some success going to his wideouts. Interestingly enough, the Jets’ run D is in the bottom half of the league thus far. So if Reggie keeps up his hot streak, our D makes the New York offense one dimensional, and Dr. T plays another solid if unspectacular game under center, the Dolphins can win this one.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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