Week 4 Stock Report: Is a Win in the Cards Following Close Call with Jets?

30 Sep

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) after heartbreaker vs the Jests: 421.1 (-52)


JORVORSKIE LANE (NASDAQ:JVOR) +1 1/4: First career touchdown for the feel good story of the offseason. Great battering ram fullback, and he can kinda sorta catch a little bit to boot.
RYAN TANNEHILL (NASDAQ: TANN) +2: How can Tannehill’s stock rise with a stat line like his? Because he’s a rookie. And in his third game ever in the NFL, against our most hated rival, he hit on the big play that put us in a position for the game winning kick. It’s going to be nice to see this kid with a fully fleshed out receiving corps someday.

DAVONE BESS (NYSE: DBESS) +3 1/2: Great day against New York for this slot receiver jedi. Five catches for 86 yards, and he stepped up in the clutch. One of the top undrafted players in the NFL, and would serves as a great complement to a true #1.


DAN CARPENTERS (NYSE:DCARP) -7 1/2: Okay, so neither of those misses were short kicks. Still, great kickers come through in the clutch. This would have been a massive win against a division rival. Now we’re 1-2 heading into a suddenly tough matchup against the resurgent redbirds of Phoenix. Kicker stocks can go south faster than you can say “Scott Norwood”.

JOE PHILBIN (NASDAQ:PBIN) -8: Not a banner day for the first time head coach. If you’re dying to get to halftime, and not interested in trying to get down the field, kneel down. Don’t put your best player in jeopardy. A hard lesson for Joe, as we lost Reggie for the rest of the game. He was averaging six yards a clip before that. Philbin followed that up with poor non-usage of timeouts in what could have been our game-winning drive at the end of regulation. One or two of those could have gone a long way to settle our youngster QB down. Dr. T was 3 of his last 11 at that point, and it would have been smart to use a timeout or two. Instead the timeouts were used in a silly attempt to force a Jet punt without enough time on the clock. Wasted. A shaky stock for now, still looking to hit its stride.

SUMMARY: I’m sure we weren’t the only ones who felt a sense of dread for the entire second half of that one. It had the feel of a game we would find a way to lose. We did. I guess we’re used to things like this happening against the Jests. For a brief moment we thought we would pull it off. Worth pointing out that this ultimately went to overtime on the strength of a fake punt from the Jets’ own 25 in the second quarter. That turned a punt into a field goal. Kudos to Rex Ryan for making a ballsy call. Those win football games. We think our prospects for this weekend’s tilt with Arizona lie largely on whether Reggie Bush can actually play. Arizona is a feel good story, but the time is right for their wake-up call. It would be lovely if we could provide them with one.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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