Week 5 Stock Report: Another Close Call Coming for Dolphins in Cincy?

7 Oct

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) after second overtime loss in a row: 428.2 (+7.1)


SEAN SMITH (NASDAQ:SMIT) +3 1/3: Smith is a long, legit corner. Two picks against the Cardinals. Our pass defense has been very shaky, but it’s hard to pin very much of that on Sean. A solid DB stock. At only 25 years of age, hopefully we’ll lock him up. Otherwise we’ll have to fill two CB slots this offseason.

BRIAN HARTLINE (NYSE: BHART) +8 1/4: Holy Hartline, Batman! 253 yards for the fourth year possession wideout? This was one for the record books. He’s shown amazing hands and deceptive speed. We’re apparently working on an extension with him. Though he’s a valuable asset, we hope we aren’t throwing “#1 money” his way. He’s only topped 100 yards twice in his career, and this explosion is partly circumstance.

RYAN TANNEHILL (NASDAQ: TANN) +11 1/2: Would you look at that? When you finally invest highly in a quarterback you are rewarded. An amazing day slinging it in Arizona, even with a couple of mistakes. What an arm, and he’ll only improve with experience.


DAN CARPENTERS (NYSE:DCARP) -2 1/2: If this team is going to make a habit of being in close games, that makes Dan Carpenter’s misses even more glaring.

RICHARD MARSHALL (NYSE:MARSH) -4 1/2 Marshall’s return to Arizona was abysmal. We think getting a 2nd rounder for Vontae was a solid move, assuming that we were ready to move on. That being said, we can’t help but notice that the Colts have the 3rd best pass defense in all of football.

SUMMARY: Another crushing overtime loss. Trying to put a positive spin on this. If you’re going to have a crappy record, you want to be better than that record. The SoFlo Sea Mammals certainly are. This team is on pace for a 4-12 year. We’re better than that. A couple of key additions, coupled with the improvement of Dr. T and Miami will be in business. Not to mention we’re only a game out of this year’s wild card with plenty of football left to play. It’ll be nice to have Reggie back at full speed against a vulnerable Bengals run D. He’s been gimpy since that infamous clock-burning injury before halftime against the Jets. We can win today, but if we do it probably won’t be by much.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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