Week 6 Stock Report: Sea Mammals Showing Fight as Rams Arrive

14 Oct

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) after big win in Cincy: 477.3 (+49.1)


RANDY STARKS (NYSE: RSTARK) +3: Starks may be the most unheralded damned-good D-linemen in the game. His interception, at point blank range of a ball with serious mustard on it, was a call back to the days of “Stick ‘Em”. Randy is an integral part of a unit that has been simply crushing the run. A solid stock.

SEAN SMITH (NASDAQ:SMIT) +4 1/2: Smith did about as well as can be expected against A.J. Green. That kid is a monster, and will make DBs look silly for the next decade. Green scored on a perfect pass from Dalton that we’re pretty sure would have been a score against any defender on Earth. Overall you had to be impressed with Sean, as we’ve been almost all year. Hopefully we’ll lock up this stock before he hits his prime in another team’s uniform.

RYAN TANNEHILL (NASDAQ: TANN) +5 1/3: Managed the game, hit on some big throws when needed. Dr. T’s maturity has surprised many. We think it was just underestimated to begin with. The knock on Tanny was inexperience. Does this kid seem flustered when he steps to the line and works through a Peyton-esque collection of audibles? Does he look like a wide-eyed rookie when he’s diagnosing what defenders are about to do, helping his blockers understand as well? Sky is the limit for this newcomer, who’s doing it without a legit #1 wideout (“Paging Dwayne Bowe. Dwayne Bowe you have a phone call on line two.”). Buy, buy, buy.


DAN CARPENTERS (NYSE:DCARP) -4: Carpenter’s becoming a mainstay on the tumbler list, sadly. Do we have to factor in a missed field goal every week?

STEPHEN ROSS (NYSE:SROSS) -4 1/2: Our suspicions were confirmed when Rams’ Head Coach Jeff Fisher explained this week that Ross’ commitment to Jeff Ireland was the main reason he didn’t end up coaching the SoFlo Sea Mammals. Hard to land a “big fish” candidate when you’re taking any discussion of a different GM off the table, or GM power for the candidate himself. Having Ireland ride shotgun for the coaching search made it, well, a much less “thorough” process. Gruden, Fisher, Cowher. These guys are going to do it their way, with their guys. We’re not saying we don’t like Philbin. For all we know he’s the next Shula. However, we are saying that Ross’ commitment to Jeff Ireland (who so far as we know has never won a personality contest) had us shopping for coaches in the bargain bin.

SUMMARY: So nice to actually finish in a close game. Also maddening how close we are to being 4-1. Still haunted by that play before half against the Jets, when we lost Reggie while just trying to run out the clock. A healthy Reggie could’ve won that second half for us, and if he wasn’t hobbled and on a pitch count over in Phoenix we might’ve left there with a win as well.

Looking forward, it’s the Rams, Jets, Colts, Titans, Bills and Seahawks up next. Rookie quarterback be damned, those are all winnable games. With a healthy ground game, continued tough D and efficient play from Dr. T, this “rebuilding year” could suddenly see us scrapping for a wild card.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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