Week 8 Stock Report: Sea Mammals Look to Jettison Jets

28 Oct

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) heading into stormy game against the Jets: 519.4 (+42.1)


BRANDON FIELDS (NYSE: BFIELD) +1 1/2: A debut for the punter in our stock report. Why the hell not? If you’re going to punt six times in an afternoon, you want to average 53.8 yards. Well done, Brandon. If you deal in punter stocks, you could do a whole lot worse than Fields, who’s third in the league in yards per kick.

RYAN TANNEHILL (NASDAQ: TANN) +3: Ryan posted a career high rating against the Rams. Solid, not exactly spectacular, but effective. Even though he’s the least experienced of the rookie QBs bursting on the scene, the argument can be made that he’s shown the most maturity. Big game for Dr. T against the hated Jets, as we fight to avoid a season sweep. Shares of Tannehill continue to show strong long term value.

OLIVIER VERNON (NYSE: OVERN) +5 1/2: Vernon had been rather quiet for most of the season, then came up big for the SoFlo Sea Mammals with a pair of sacks against Saint Louis. Getting pressure opposite Cam Wake had been a problem, and for the first time the rookie Vernon looked like a solution. A stock to keep an eye on.


REGGIE BUSH (NYSE:BUSHY) -2 1/4: Reggie isn’t 100%. Obvious to us anyway. Reggie averaged 1.4ypc against the Rams, although he did catch the ball well. It’s not his fault really, as he was hurt weeks ago in an attempt to run out the clock before halftime (kneel the damned ball next time, Joe!). It would be a nice bit of poetry if Reggie could sting the Jets today, as he couldn’t finish the game against them in that early season heartbreaker.

JEFF IRELAND (NASDAQ:JIRE) -3: We admit it, we’re still not 100% done griping about the Brandon Marshall trade. Jettisoning The Beast has netted us Michael Egnew and a 3rd rounder to be named later. Thus far Marshall is on pace for about 1600 yards and 11TDs up in Chi-town. Meanwhile only two WRs even caught a pass against the Rams, with Marlon Moore our most productive at 46-yards. Every time we hear about WR being our offseason priority we’re reminded that we had one of the top 5 in the game already on the roster, that we had him under control through next season, and that we let him go for pennies on the dollar. Just our two cents.

SUMMARY: This game is massive if the Dolphins hope to contend for a wild card at season’s end. We’ve got the Colts, Titans and Bills on tap after this one, and a win against the Jests could start us on a very nice roll. Could be a little dicey to throw the ball up there with Sandy approaching (stay safe if you’re in her path), which puts even more importance on Reggie’s return to health. Hopefully the bye prepared him for a whale of a game.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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