Week 9 Stock Report: Flashing Fins Clash with Colts

4 Nov

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) as they roll into clash with Colts: 558.3 (+38.9)


MATT MOORE (NASDAQ: MMOO) +2 1/2: Moore was the team MVP last season, and we’re sure it didn’t feel too lovely being overtaken by a rookie this preseason. Matt showed his worth when Tanny left the game, giving us a poised presence under center and keeping the heat on the Jets for the rest of the day. There are not many teams who can say they’ve got someone as steady as Moore on the sidelines if needed. One of the top backup stocks being traded today. Depending on how Dr. T feels in warmups or in the early going today, we may see more of Moore.

DARREN RIZZI (NASDAQ:RIZZ) +4: This was one of the best single-game special teams performances in NFL history. This unit recovered an onside kick, blocked a punt, blocked a field goal and was perfect on ours, scored a touchdown, and even managed to do the “Gangnam Style” in the end zone to top it all off. Kudos to our special teams guru for bringing the pain to the Jests.

JIMMY WILSON (NYSE: JWILS) +5 1/2: Jimmy Wilson flashed a bit of “one man wrecking crew” against the hated Jets. But it’s becoming evident that Wilson brings more to the table than just the plays on the field. It’s his swagger we like most, the kind of swagger that helps a defense develop an identity. This once troubled stock is rising steadily.


None this week. It would be morally wrong as a Dolphins fan to complain after a 30-9 win against the Jets.

What a satisfying thrashing after a number of nail-biters. We’ve got something cooking in SoFLo, and the future looks bright. Joe Philbin is taking some chances, and we love to see it. Three draft picks in the first couple of rounds. Enough cap room to keep our best and brightest, and maybe bring in a key piece. But, as excited as we are, this Colts game makes us nervous. Ailing Coach Chuck Pagano will be on hand, and I expect Indianapolis to play inspired ball. Luck is not your average rookie. Then again, neither is Dr. T.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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