The Bottlenose’s Wish List for the SoFlo Sea Mammals

18 Dec

Bottlenose Wish List copy


3 Responses to “The Bottlenose’s Wish List for the SoFlo Sea Mammals”

  1. brett December 18, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    like your thinking here, i am really skeptical that Bush will return, though…
    I would LOVE to add a real pass catching T.E. How about “Jermicheal PHINly?”

    Any change Philbin keeps J.Martin on the left side and we look for a R.T in round 2-3 in the draft?

    • Dan Ewen December 18, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

      Finley is very interesting. I like Clay as a hybrid threat. Not sure if Egnew has been showing anything in practices, but perhaps he’ll step up. I’m wondering how much Finley will receive on the market. He’s only 25. Importing Bowe (who, even with the QBS KC has had, has averaged 1,000+ and 7+ TDS per 16 games from the moment he set foot in the league) and Jermichael would instantly legitimize our receiving corps. Letting Long walk would free some space, but signing our other FAs will take some dough.

      I haven’t seen anything to convince me that Martin would excel at LT, and this is a pretty strong draft on that side.

  2. Bob Grush December 18, 2012 at 3:28 pm #

    OL…..Martin is a left tackle and he has shown that he has a lot of upside….Jerry is a better pass blocker then run blocker = better right tackle then Guard….#1 OL need is a Guard that fits the zone blocking scheme = pulling guard/Athletic….If the draft is deep in tackles as you say good guards should be there in the 2nd rd

    1st rd pick would depend greatly on what happens in FA…Long, Bush and Starks are the most likely to leave (to much money)….It is also a higher odds play to spend big and sign a FA WR rather then draft one (ireland would lower risk)….So if we say miami losses the above 3 FA and signs a #1 WR the most likely positions of need would be DE and CB in the 1st rd……I also would not be surprised to see Miami trade back if there are no CB/DE they want and take a top Guard or TE late in the 1st rd….


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