The Bottlenose’s 2013 Miami Dolphins Lineup

14 Jan


QB Ryan Tannehill

RB Reggie Bush/Lamar Miller timeshare

WRs Greg Jennings//Davone Bess/Stedman Bailey/Rishard Matthews

TE Fred Davis

LT Eric Fisher

LG Richie Incognito

C Mike Pouncey

RG Larry Warford

RT Jonathan Martin


DE Cameron Wake

DT Randy Starks

DT Paul Soliai

DE Margus Hunt

CB Sean Smith

CB David Amerson

SS Reshad Jones

FS Louis Delmas

OLB Koa Misi

MLB Karlos Dansby

OLB Kevin Burnett

This is of course predicated on letting Jake Long go. He has been a warrior. Picking him over Matt Ryan can be criticized, but for a long while Jake was a beast of a left tackle. Parcells is a guy from another time, when it was all about the trenches. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still largely about those trenches, but over the years the league has shifted everything toward passing. Skimping on QB for a lineman has never been riskier, and it certainly would have been nice to have ended our QB nightmare six years ago.

That being said, believing that Dr. T is going to be a heck of a QB, and acknowledging that left tackle is still hella-important, we draft the monster Eric Fisher at pick 12 to start from day one. A Greg Jennings reunion with “Smokin’ Joe” Philbin gives us a chance to wait at WR. First pick in round 2 we use to strengthen our already solid D, importing the freakish Margus Hunt from SMU to terrorize QBs opposite Cam Wake. He’s played on the same side as Wake, but he’s an unparalleled specimen and can get used to a change. We think Sean Smith has special potential. Resigning him (or tagging) and teaming him with late 2nd rounder David Amerson gives us the biggest CB tandem in football.

We like the depth of the 2013 WR crop, and nabbing Mountaineer playmaker Stedman Bailey in round 3, to throw into the mix with Jennings and Bess would be a smart move. Hell, let’s do it with the pick we got from the Bears in the notorious Brandon Marshall trade to help lessen the blow. Our second 3rd rounder is Kentucky OG Larry Warford. The guy has slugged it out anonymously at UK with all the big name SEC defenders, and has played well.

Louis Delmas and Fred Davis are two guys whose potential outweighs injury risk. A healthy Delmas teams with Reshad Jones would be a stellar tandem (for the record, we’d like to see Jimmy Wilson at safety if we don’t take the plunge on a free agent). Fred Davis was the Redskins leading receivers before he went down with an achilles injury. He’s expected back by May, and along with Jennings and Stedman Bailey would immediately breathe new life into our passing attack.

A word about Brian “Bang Bang” Hartline. We have loved him as a SoFlo Sea Mammal, but ultimately we were forced to rely on him so much that his FA value may have surpassed his on-field value. We’re not sold that if you gave say Rishard Matthews those 128 targets, he wouldn’t have been right there with Hartline statistically. If we show Hartline the money, we’ll end up overpaying for a 700yd, 3TD wideout 2013. Just our two cents.

EARLY DRAFT: 1) OT Eric Fisher. 2A) DE Margus Hunt 2B) CB David Amerson 3A) WR Stedman Bailey 3B) OG Larry Warford

FREE AGENT SIGNINGS/RE-SIGNINGS: WR Greg Jennings, FS Louis Delmas, TE Fred Davis, CB Sean Smith, DT Randy Starks, RB Reggie Bush

KEY FREE AGENT DEPARTURES/CUTS: LT Jake Long, WR Brian Hartline, CB Richard Marshall ($5.3 million salary in 2013?!), K Dan Carpenter ($2.675 million?!)


Our 2013 Miami Dolphins line up a defense that will line up one of the top safety tandems in the league, with two tall, athletic, young CBs. Against the run we should still be beastly, and adding the Estonian monster Hunt opposite Wake will give opposing QBs less time to find wideouts.

On offense, a rested Reggie Bush will continue to mentor big-play youngster Lamar Miller, improving his pass-catching and blocking responsibilities. Ryan Tannehill will drop back behind a dynamic, young O-line, and look for Greg Jennings. Checking down he may find slot Jedi Davone Bess, vertical threat TE Fred Davis, or big play newcomer Stedman Bailey.

Resigning our own FAs will take up much of our celebrated cap space. However, Starks and Bush should be able to be retained for reasonable contracts. Sean Smith can be tagged if a contract isn’t worked out. Trimming Richard Marshall and Dan Carpenter would clear substantial space. Jennings still has ability, but just missed the bulk of a season with injury and will be turning 30. We don’t expect his contract to approach Wallace or Bowe territory. Shrewd signings of Louis Delmas and Fred Davis could provide All Pro level play at two key positions.

Just our two cents, and we’d love to hear yours.

GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @TheBottlenose


3 Responses to “The Bottlenose’s 2013 Miami Dolphins Lineup”

  1. Rick_in_Texas January 14, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

    Good plan but I would make a couple of changes in either personnel and/or focus area. First off I think with a year of weights & coaching Martin will be able to man (and honestly, do quite well) as our LT going forward. His biggest problem in 2012 was being man-handled because in college, players he faced couldn’t do that. Welcome to the NFL I guess. Going forward however, he can get stronger and learn better technique with a years worth of additional coaching. If I’m right then I would move Gerry over to RT which is a much better position for him and one that he played pretty well at the end of 2011.

    So my draft would look like:

    1) DE – 1st (Ezekiel Ansah or Dion Jordon)
    Ansah would be an amazing pick…check him out!
    2) WR – 2nd DeAndre Hopkins or DaRick Rodgers
    3) CB – 2nd Jordon Poyer
    4) OG – 3rd – Alvin Bailey
    5) WR – 3rd Ryan Swope
    6) TE – 4th Travis Kelce
    7) 5th onward BPA

    Newly Acquired Free Agents would be:

    – Number 1 WR – Jennings
    – Seam TE – Jared Cook would be perfect – young, athletic, fast & great hands. Wants out of Tennessee in the worst way.
    – Shutdown CB – Ben Grimes if it fits w/in cap

    Resign Free Agents:

    – Brian Hartline
    – Randy Starks
    – Sean Smith
    – Reggie Bush
    Note: If either Hartline or Smith demand more than what they are worth I would let them both walk. Smith is not elite but he may demand elite money. If so, then pay that money to Grimes (who is elite). And totally agree on Hartline but with my draft I have an immediate replacement in Swope who already has history & synergy with Tannehill.

    Well… that’s what I would do but hey – I’m just a fan not a GM. 

  2. CT_Phin fan January 15, 2013 at 4:35 am #

    Not a Fred Davis fan. My thoughts are a little different.
    Free Agents that walk
    -Long (unless he accepts under 9 mill a year)
    -Bush (unless he signs for under 4 mil a year)
    -Starks (optional as Odrick played better at DT then DE this year) needs to be a hometown discount

    New Free Agents
    -Dustin Keller – young, explosive and unlike Davis he can block
    -Dallas Clark – Be like the Patriots and double down
    -Andi Levitre – if Jake resigns OL is no longer needed high in the draft and Jerry can become trade bait for a non zone blocking team as incognito moves to right guard next to Martin. If jake does not resign then Jerry moves to right tackle and incognito to right guard.
    -Grimes – if it fits in the cap or another FA CB good at man coverage. Cromartie possibly.

    **No alpha receiver free agents most are either walking wounded or head cases would rather find one in the draft**

    1st – milliner (if available) or mingo, werner or Jordan or Anash. Only milliner is worthy at CB for this pick the others would be the offside pass rusher which ever is rated higher. Only suprise here would be if Mante t’eo is available.
    2nd- Banks (if available or try to trade up for him), poyer or amerson or best available CB unless Milliner is drafted. then go DE bpa
    2nd – Start drafting WR (preferably a big possession guy like hunter)
    3rd – Steadman WR
    3rd – Another CB bpa. OL depth if Jake does not resign
    4th – OL depth. Bpa defensive back (CB or Safety) if jake does not resign)
    all other picks would be special teams and depth at LB, S and a backup QB

    Legitimizing the TE position will open the offense and be a lot cheaper then an alpha receiver. Also a lot less risky. I like for starting TE 3 people Keller (who I think was under utilized in NY need I say anything more then Sanchize), Cook (definately under utilized in TEN) and Bennett. Doubling down with Clark will give defenses fits and will advance the 2 TE formation for both run and pass. Both the TE’s can strech the middle of the field drawing coverage away from Bess (over the middle), Miller and Clay (out of the backfield) and Steadman (will only have to beat single coverage as Safeties will have to cover these TEs as the speed guy). Since Keller is a good blocker it should only improve our running game as the threat of him in the seam will back off the 8 man fronts. Keller and Clark are proven red zone targets which will alleviate THill from having a tight window down deep.

    • Dan Ewen January 29, 2013 at 9:54 am #

      Thanks so much for this thoughtful response. Excited to see how this offseason shakes out.

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