The Fibbing Fin: Lucrative Neck Brace Endorsement Awaits Ryan Tannehill

17 Mar


Jake Long’s Sunday night departure to the Saint Louis Rams could lead to a lucrative new endorsement deal for second year gunslinger Ryan Tannehill, insiders say.

“The potential move of second year tackle Jonathan Martin (54th out of 57 tackles at pass blocking in 2012) to left tackle has the neck brace industry buzzing,” medical supply analyst Wayne Phipps explained. “You may have the perfect storm of a marketable, handsome, young quarterback wearing a neck brace almost constantly.”

That fact hasn’t escaped Louis Marchon, CEO of Ready Hold Neck Braces in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. “We’ve already contacted Ryan’s representatives,” Marchon says. “We believe with Martin on the left side of the line, Ryan Tannehill could become synonymous with neck braces. Ready Hold Neck Braces.”

Of course any deal could be revoked if the Dolphins add left tackle help in the draft or via free agency. Marchon is moving forward nonetheless, already creating three prototypes for an upcoming trade show. These include a teal brace, an orange brace, and an electronic LCD brace with a constantly revolving slide show of Tannehill’s wife Lauren in a “tankini”.



4 Responses to “The Fibbing Fin: Lucrative Neck Brace Endorsement Awaits Ryan Tannehill”

  1. buchter froget March 18, 2013 at 6:10 am #

    long had 1 good year for the phins and was over-rated; martin fared well for himself once he got his legs under him and will do just fine in the position

    • Dan Ewen March 18, 2013 at 8:08 am #

      Well I hope Long’s replacement also makes 4 Pro Bowls in 5 years. I don’t believe it will be Martin. He was never projected as a LT. He was there in an emergency situation. Lane Johnson, Menelik Watson, Terron Armstead. A FA. A trade. Ireland won’t, with his job on the line, put Martin out there at LT. Can’t see it.

      • Gregory Hutchinson March 18, 2013 at 8:48 am #

        1st things first, he was projected as a LT, keep in mind we was’nt even looking to draft a LT in last years draft, but when LT Jonathan Martin was sitting there at pick #10 of the 2nd round they pulled the trigger. This post made me go back in time & check out some of last years draft mocks. I’ve seen some have him as high as pick 11 in the 1st round, & NOT ONE having him slip to the 2nd round. Now keep in mind he came out as a JR. & was out of position on the right side of the line, & when he did get the chance to slide over it had been a year since he played there & he was a bit rusty, he admitted that himself.

      • Dan Ewen March 18, 2013 at 9:14 am #

        I don’t expect us to agree on this, but please take a look at this great piece from The Phinsider, specifically the pass blocking chart. He was eaten up when moved back to his “natural position”.

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