Draft Talent Plateau Could Both Hurt, Help Dolphins

25 Apr

Trading down from pick 12 may be very difficult to do, if the SoFlo Sea Mammals are so inclined. Why? Trading up to pick 12 would cost more (at least if you adhere to Jimmy Johnson’s mythical draft value board) than trading up to say pick 22. Aside from it costing less to move up, why would someone be content at 22 or 24? Well, because there’s a whopping pile of players with roughly identical grades this year.

Yes, unless someone unexpected tumbles, Miami may have won just enough games last season to be outside of the “hot ticket” players tonight. That doesn’t mean there won’t be talent there. We should be able to get a good, maybe even great player at 12. Said player just might not be head and shoulders above the names called during the rest of the evening.

The flip side of the plateau? Maybe our #12 selection won’t be flashy, but we can look forward to a second round chock full of players with the same grades as some guys going tonight.

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