SoFlo Sea Mammals Stock Report as the Ravens Swoop In

6 Oct

Dolphins Overall Worth (DOW) as Baltimore comes a knockin’.  (727.7, -22.7)




BRANDON GIBSON (NASDAQ: GIBS) +2: Gibson has proven to be a solid slot option. He pulled down 6 of 8 targets for 71 yards against New Orleans, and was one of few bright spots in an otherwise vomit-inducing contest. He’s on pace for a solid 800 yards.


PAUL SOLIAI (NASDAQ: SOLI) +2 1/4: The Falcons gash us, Paul slips back into the lineup and the Saints go for a sluggish 2.8 yards per carry. As Soliai goes, so goes our run defense. Hopefully we can make the Ravens as one-dimensional as we did the Saints, ’cause Joe Flacco is no Drew Brees.




LAMAR MILLER (NASDAQ: MILL) +3: A nice 5.6 yards per carry in New Orleans, with a touchdown to boot. With our pass defense as poor as it’s been, we’d like to see more of Lamar in the screen game, but he’s flashed lately, and increased touches for him are a must.






DOLPHINS PASS BLOCKING IN GENERAL (NYSE: DPBG) – 3: We’re afraid that DPBG could find itself on the tumblers list a lost this season. We would like to see an offensive game plan that reflects this big, honkin’ achilles heel of ours. We have a QB who’s great on the move. We have a running back who could make overly-aggressive defenses pay on screens, and burner at wideout who can turn bubbles into big-gainers. The pocket will be unkind to Tanny this season.

DANIEL THOMAS (NYSE: DTHOM) -4: The Sea Mammals’ allegiance to Thomas is baffling. That sad sweep to him against the Saints was the low point of our season thus far. On the season he’s averaging 2.8 ypc against Lamar Miller’s 4.6. We don’t see amazing pass blocking out of him either. Every time he touches the ball instead of Lamar it costs us a chance at a game-changing play.





This is a crucial game against Baltimore. That may sound silly this early in the season, but when you get a chance to hold a tiebreaker against another team that may be scrapping for a playoff spot you’ve got to take it. It would be nice to right the ship after being battered in the Big Easy. We’re hoping to see more scheming around our pass blocking weakness, roll outs and screens. Defenses smell blood in the water. If we don’t have the personnel to protect the pocket we should admit that and evolve.



GO DOLPHINS, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @thebottlenose


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